Living Through Love

 Today I thought that I would write the dialogue that I hear from my Inner Voice. If I have a question, I will type in italics. 

 Hello to all, we hope that you are doing well in whatever situation you are in. As people get ready for the New Year it is important to find time for yourself. Whether it is through meditation, a quiet walk alone, or finding time to write in a journal. The intention is to sift through your thoughts and commitments, and reconnect with your true self. 

 Anytime a you can quiet your mind, and turn your focus within, you have the opportunity to connect with a higher source of love. This love is the essence of who you truly are, the basis of your life force. It can be a challenge to feel this love because of other priorities. But what is more important than your own well-being? 

 When you connect with this powerful love, you will be living through this love. You will discover that all of your thoughts, words and actions will be that of love. Yes there will be times that this will be a challenge, but you will return to this place of love quicker than you have in your past. 

 If you can discover this love within you, you will realize that this love is within everyone that you encounter in your day. Through this new awareness you will be able to feel if they are living through their inner love or not. As we have said, there are many priorities in life that can block this love from being felt and experienced. If those around you are not living through this love you will know by their words and actions.

 Living through this love is to accept all people through love. You cannot truly love yourself as you disrespect others in your life. To love yourself without condition is to accept yourself without fault, or self-doubt. To live through this love is to release the need for approval from others.Yes you want to be loved by them, but your love for yourself does not hinge on their positive response to you. This is the only true love that you will ever experience. The love that is within you is everlasting, meaning that you knew this love before you were born into your physical body and you will return to this love when you transition, from your physical body.

 When the New Year begins, being in a better place emotionally will be a benefit to you and those around you. When you are centered and focused on maintaining this awareness of love, true guidance will also flow to you. This guidance is spoken through gut feelings, your intuition and your inner voice. One way to know if the guidance is true for you is to ask yourself if the guidance is of love. Is your reaction to a situation based in love? 

 Some people would argue that they cannot possibly live life through love all of the time; life is too challenging and people can be rude. The challenge is for you to change the way in which you see and experience life so that you can live life through love. Yes the rude people and challenging situations will still exist, but you will now have a basis of love that will ease the emotions surrounding these occasions. 

  Why live life through love? Because this is how life was intended to be lived. Understand, that it is a choice whether to focus on the rude, challenging people that upset you, or focus on the love that you have for yourself and because of this, you can now experience life through love.

Copyright Paul Hudon 2018


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