Living Your True Potential

 I am always surprised when I meet someone who is denying themselves the very help that they are seeking. They want to live a healthier life, they would also like to eat better food, and they would like more connection with their true essence. But, why do we deny ourselves these simple requests?
Again I will ask my Inner Voice for guidance. My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

 Why do we deny ourselves a better life?
 Many people believe that through self sacrifice they will reach a higher consciousness. Through this belief they will sacrifice any aspects of their life to reach this goal. They will also sacrifice their true happiness and their health as well. Another reason for people living this way, is because they do not want to disappoint those around them. All people want to be liked and loved by others, but many achieve this love through placing the needs of others as a priority over their needs and desires.

 How does this affect the quality of our lives?
 When people live life this way, they are not placing their well-being as their main focus. They will set aside their dreams and aspirations to maintain the flow of love from those around them. It affects a person's life because they will not be in tune with their body, physically, or with their true self, emotionally. Through this behavior they will have disconnected themselves from the very guidance they need to live a better life.

 Through caring for others we separate ourselves from our inner guidance?
 It is the act of sacrifice where a person separates themselves from their inner guidance. We are not saying that a person should ignore those around them. We are saying that if a person is experiencing their true self love, then helping others will be a joy. But, if they are sacrificing themselves to care for others they are denying themselves true, loving guidance. If they would discover their true self love, then live through this love, they will find that there is no need to sacrifice any aspect who they are.

 You are saying to find our inner self love, then live life through this love? 
 Yes, because when you truly love yourself, you will do what is right for you at all times. You will eat better, and you may find time to connect with your true essence through meditation. Then there becomes no need to sacrifice any aspect of who you truly are to please others. When a person discovers their true self love and begins to live this way, they are then sharing their truth with the world around them.

 What is a persons truth?
 All people have an inner truth, and this truth is that they are love, kindness and compassion. At the very core of all humanity is love, kindness and compassion. When a person begins to live life through their inner truth, they will also be living life through these powerful emotions. To live life through ones truth a person will never neglect their health for any reason, but they will also have more than enough energy to care for those around them. A person's inner truth is the connection with their true self, which is the way they will live life, if they are living to their true potential.

 By sacrificing myself for others I am not living to my true potential?
 Remember, living your true potential is to live through love, kindness and compassion, for you as well as those that are in your life. Then from this powerful place, life will be experienced through these emotions. Those around you will benefit from your new place of love. There becomes no need to sacrifice any aspect of your life because you love yourself and those around you, and you are no longer seeking their approval for your self worth.

 When I begin to live to my true potential, how will this affect the lives of those around me?
 Your life will be based on love, kindness and compassion, this will be how the world will react to you, and this is how you will react to the world. People will benefit from your ability to live your true  loving potential. Those around you will be experiencing the fullness of who you are, there will be nothing that you deny yourself or those in your life, because you are now connected with your true self, the true essence of who you are, which is love, kindness and compassion.

 Copyright Paul Hudon 2018


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