The Best You Can

 It can be a challenge to accept that we are doing the best that we can in all the situations within our life. But the question is, why do we doubt this? Why do we feel that we could always be doing better? What marker are we using to judge ourselves? It can be challenging enough to make it through our day without any negative self-judgement. But, can we accept that we are doing our best all of the time?
 With these questions in mind I thought that I would ask my Inner Voice for guidance. My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

 Why do we judge ourselves as not doing our best all of the time?
 There can be much pressure to surpass expectations in life. These pressures can come from family, your boss, even your partner, or more importantly they oftentimes come from within you. People feel that the measure of their worth is how busy and productive they are. This can lead to focusing more on being productive than being self-loving. Judging oneself as not doing enough also is telling yourself that you should be doing better, working harder, to show the world what you are capable of. But this is measuring yourself against an unrealistic standard of society. This standard does not include the measure of your happiness or the love you have for yourself.

 It is surprising how those around us can makes us feel as if we are not doing enough. Why is that?
 Many times when people are judging you it is because they want you to do better so that you will please them through your actions. They are also judging you because they need to feel better about themselves, by judging you as not doing enough they feel better about what they have accomplished.

 What if I am doing the best that I can in a situation?
 Doing the best that you can, is all that you can truly do. Few people are willing to accept that all people are doing the best that they can. This powerful belief is based on love, kindness and compassion. When a person accepts that all people are doing the very best that they can, they release their need to judge others. What few people understand is that judgement is an emotion that can be felt by those that are being judged. Releasing the need to judge and accepting that all people are doing the very best that they can will change the way in which you experience the world around you.

 All people are doing the very best that they can?
 Yes they are. Based on what they know at the time, their education and their upbringing, they are doing the very best that they can. If they could be doing better they would be doing better, then from this new place they would be doing the best that they can. It may be a challenge to accept that all people are doing the very best that they can, but ask yourself, "Am I doing the best that I can." Answer this question without self-judgement or the standard of those around you. The truthful  answer is yes, you are doing the best that you can.

 There are people in the world that should be doing better than they are. What about them?
 These people are doing the best that they can given their situation. The judgement that you make is based on wanting them to change their behavior to please you. This answer may not be what you wanted to hear, but it makes no difference if they are seen as successful, they agree with you, or they are living on the street, they are all doing the best that they can at this very moment.

 Someone living on the street is doing the best that they can?
 Yes they are. Remember, there is much going on in their life that you know nothing about. You may fail to realize that where they are now may be better than where they have been. Through your judgement you have also blocked any kindness and love that is within you from being shared with them.
 Also, when you judge someone as not doing their best, you are making an assumption on very little true information. When you accept that all people are doing the very best that they can, you will release your need to judge others to make yourself feel better. Through releasing this need you may begin to accept them with love, kindness and compassion. Accepting that everyone is doing the very best that they can at any moment in their life is an act of courage and love.

Copyright Paul Hudon 2109


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