Thoughts and Focus

  In August of last year I had the chance to ride my motorcycle to Southern Utah. I knew that it would be warm, but the average high was going to be around one hundred five degrees. I ride in full protective motorcycle gear which can make a warm day hot and a hot day HOT. This didn't bother me  because I knew that if I focused on the heat then the heat would get the best of me. What did I do: I chose to focus on the beauty of the area, and not focus on the heat. But, is it that easy, changing our focus to experience a better outcome? I thought that this would be a good conversation to have with my Inner Voice.
 My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

 Is it that simple, change our focus and experience something better?
 Focus draws your attention to that which you are focused upon, but focus is much more powerful than that. When you are focused on a certain subject, situation or even the heat, you will attract more of what you are focused upon. Though it may not get hotter you will notice it more and this might make you more uncomfortable. Focus is placing your energy and attention towards something, wanted or unwanted.

While in Utah, I did my best to stay centered and began to focus on riding my motorcycle safely. Because of my change in focus, it may not have gotten any cooler, but the heat wasn't a bother as it had been when I was focused on it. Why is that?
 Focus places you in the energy of what you are focused upon. When you began to focus on riding your motorcycle instead of the heat, you left the energy of the heat and changed your focus to something that was truly important to you. Also realize that many times you cannot do anything about what you are focused on, but you choose to focus upon it anyway, because of this behavior the energy of your focus intensifies. This shows the importance of focusing on what you do want, instead of what you do not want.

 What about in our daily lives, how can we become aware of how our focus affects our day?
 Many people believe that their thoughts are random, meaning they have no control of what they think or how their thoughts are created, because of this they allow their focus to be random as well. When a person accepts that they can control their thoughts, they will also understand that they can direct their focus. To give you an example, you were thinking of how hot it was in Utah and the heat became your focus, which caused you to notice the heat, which made you uncomfortable throughout the day. When you became aware of your focus (the heat) you changed your thoughts and through this you changed your focus, making it easier to focus on being safe.

 In my everyday life I can become aware of my thoughts and then change my focus to something better?
 There will be times when you become aware of your thoughts through your focus. How many times have you heard, "What was I thinking?" The deeper question would be "What were you focused on?" This will also tell you what you were thinking.
 To answer your question, yes it is important to become aware of your thoughts because your thoughts direct the outcome of your life. Focus adds strength and energy to your thoughts. As you become accustomed to being aware of your thoughts you can now guide yourself to the best life possible thorough your focus and your thoughts. Remember, your thoughts and your focus will attract similar thoughts to you, and your focus adds strength to your thoughts.

 Becoming aware of my thoughts will allow me to change my thoughts before I add strength to them through my focus.
 Yes, but what is important to remember is that you have the power to control the thoughts that you think. Your thoughts are not random, though they may appear this way, the thoughts that you think are created by other thoughts and the events of your day. Many thoughts can be quickly discarded once you realize that these thoughts do not serve your highest good.

It is interesting how people focus on what they do not want, instead of what they do want, and this is what comes into their life.
 Your thoughts and focus are very powerful sources of energy, this energy attracts similar energy. It makes no difference if it is the heat on a motorcycle trip or staying safe on the same trip. Your thoughts and focus will affect the outcome of your experience.
 Our advice: choose your thoughts wisely, and allow your focus to guide you to the best possible outcome.

Copyright Paul Hudon 2019


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