Ignoring True Guidance

 I have often wondered why people choose to ignore the very guidance that they are seeking. How many times has the answer been right in front in us, yet for some reason we choose to go in the other direction? Because of this the outcome may not have been exactly as we wanted it to be. I know that there were times in my life when I disregarded important guidance only to see it end poorly.
 I thought that this would be a good conversation to have with my Inner Voice. My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

 Why do people ignore the guidance that is right in front of them?
 Oftentimes people want guidance to fit into their beliefs, in other words, they want guidance but they do not want the guidance to alter the course of their lives. Many people will only accept guidance that won't disrupt their lifestyle, choosing to ignore guidance becomes easier than changing the direction of their life.

 If that is the case, then why do people even ask for guidance?
They are seeking guidance that proves that the direction of their life is right. If the guidance challenges them, they disregard the guidance and maintain the status quo. They want proof that what they are feeling and living is right.

 So people will ask for guidance just to justify their thoughts, words and actions. 
 Yes, they don't truly trust themselves and by asking others for guidance, they are looking for validation. When this occurs they are choosing to ignore true guidance.

 It seems crazy to ask someone for guidance, only to disregard it because it doesn't fit into ones definition of guidance at the time.
 They may continue to ask those around them for guidance until someone supports their beliefs and then they will begin a new search for different guidance on different subjects. All while looking for the answers that satisfy their questions.

 What's the point in seeking guidance then?
 In many cases they do not want guidance, they want validation that the direction of their life is correct. Ignoring the guidance becomes easier than challenging their way of life.

 What about inner guidance. Can people ignore that guidance as well?
 This is the easiest guidance to ignore. Few people are willing to look within themselves and discover the never-ending flow of guidance that is available to them through their intuition, instincts and gut feelings. People ask those around them for guidance because they don't trust themselves and because of this, they will be constantly seeking guidance from others.
 What people fail to realize is that the guidance from those around them will have the bias of the person offering the advice. Because of this, no guidance will truly reflect the desires of the person that is asking for guidance.

 What then? How do people learn to understand their inner guidance?
 When people realize that no other person has their best interest as their main focus, they may begin to look within themselves for the truly loving guidance that they are seeking. But, it is important to listen for this guidance and then follow the guidance, listening to the guidance and then rejecting the guidance because it does not fit into ones life is ignoring important information.

 I remember listen to what I thought was guidance and all it said was that I was not good enough, and that I should be doing better, so I can see why people choose to ignore their inner guidance.
 It must be understood that true guidance is only spoken through love, kindness and compassion. No true guidance will ever speak through negative, or harmful words. Only guidance spoken through love is worth paying attraction to, this guidance will always have your best interest as its main focus.

 The negative voices that we hear in our heads can keep us from seeking inner guidance? How do we handle that? 
 The moment you hear a negative word in your head it is an indication to ignore this voice and search for the voice that speaks through love. Trust that this loving voice exists within you, you may have been believing the negative voice for so many years that you may have difficulty hearing the loving voice of true guidance, but trust that this voice is within you.

 It can be a challenge to trust a voice within us that we haven't experienced before.
 It will be through the end result that you will know and gain trust in your inner guidance. How do you build this trust in this guidance? Ask for guidance on any subject, start small, listen for the guidance and then follow the guidance. Through the result of your experience you begin to build trust and confidence in the guidance.

 What if the result doesn't fit my desired outcome?
 Our question to you would be, was the desire a true desire, meaning was the desire in-line with your best life possible? Oftentimes guidance may take you in a different direction then you thought. This is where your trust will be tested, and again only through the end result will you know if you were following your true guidance.

 How will my life change when I begin to follow my true guidance?
 There will be no question that you cannot ask your true guidance. And because of this you will begin to ask for guidance before any thought, word, or action is taken. When are you following the guidance you will know before hand that all things will work out for your own best interest.

 What do you think? Have you been following your true inner guidance, or have you been listening to the negative voices in your head? Can you work to sift through these negative voices and discover the only truly loving voice within you, the voice of your true inner guidance? You can email me with your thoughts.    paulhdon23@gmail.com

Peace and Well-Being

Copyright Paul Hudon 2019


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