The Energy Within You

 In my daily writing when I don't have a particular subject in mind I will just sit, relax and allow my Inner Voice to take over. All I really have to do is to write what I hear. If I have a question I will type it in italics.
 To set the mood, I am sitting at our local coffee shop with endless internet which I appreciate very much. Let's hear from my Inner Voice.

 As you go through your day it is important for you to realize the energy that you radiate. The best way to tell would be to look at how your interactions play out. Are you having kind and joyful experiences with those in your life? Or is there friction and confrontation? Imagine looking back on your day to see the reactions of those that you encounter. The ability to look at your life objectively can pose a challenge, but the quality of your life may depend on it. Though this may seem harsh, remember that the energy that you radiate will affect all of your relationships.

 Where does this energy come from? If you were to accept that all thoughts are energy, then you may also accept that the thoughts that you have will carry this energy out to those around you. If you are pessimistic about the events of the world, then you may be radiating this energy. If you are focused on the quality of your life, then it may be best to focus on more positive events in your day.

 The energy that you radiate can also come from your underlying emotions. Underlying emotions are the beliefs that you carry within you. If you believe that you will never be successful in your relationships, then this will be your underlying emotion, and this will be the energy that you radiate. If you were to examine the outcome of your relationships you may be able to understand the energy of your underlying emotion.

 The challenge with becoming aware of your true energy is looking at your life without judgement. Could you move to a better feeling place by forgiving yourself and through this self-loving act, release your self-defeating beliefs? By releasing beliefs that no longer serve you, you will become more positive about how you feel about yourself and the life that you are living. Because of this inner shift you will have refocused your energy and changed the way in which you interact with the world around you.

 People believe that there is little that they can do for the people that they encounter through their day--if they are in a bad mood oftentimes people will say that is their problem.  But if you are focused on the loving energy that is within you, then this love will be the energy that you radiate. You may not understand the power of the energy that you radiate, but if you are a positive person then this energy will benefit the person that appears in a bad mood. You do not have to enter their bad mood, you can stay in your positive place and you will benefit them through your energy.

 There will be many times when words are not spoken and the energy that you are radiating will be felt by others. You have felt the negative energy when someone near you is angry, as well as the loving energy of someone close to you. Through this awareness you can uplift someone through your positive energy without having to say a word.

 As you become aware of the energy that you are radiating you will become aware of the power that this energy has on those around you. As you go through your day, check in with how you are feeling and compare that with how well your interactions have been going with other people. This is the best way to discover the energy that is within you.

Copyright Paul Hudon 2019


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