Justifying Anything

 I was speaking with a friend the other day, and we wound up talking about how people can justify anything in their lives. This subject is always amazing to me, and I thought that this would be a good conversation to explore with my Inner Voice.
 My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

 Why do people justify their behavior even though it appears to be wrong or it goes against conventional wisdom?
  Oftentimes people will take a stand on a particular subject because it means something to them. This is the most obvious reason for justification. But, when a person justifies something that may appear wrong or go against conventional wisdom, then this behavior can create uncertainty in those around them.  People can accept a belief and live live life through this belief, without questioning the belief. It then becomes easier to justify the belief than it would be to question the belief. Also, a belief may fit easily with many of their other beliefs, possibly adding strength to their other beliefs. Because of this there becomes little desire to challenge any of their beliefs.

 I know someone that justifies her beliefs even though her beliefs are making her sick. Don't people see the connection between what they believe and the outcome of their health and life?
 They would rather live life without challenging their beliefs, this would cause to much disruption within their lives. It is much easier to live life through unchallenged beliefs than it is to challenge a lifelong lifestyle.

 Even if the belief will make a person sick?
 Their beliefs are a place a comfort for them, even if their beliefs are unhealthy for them. They may justify their lifestyle, by saying they only live once. Even if this belief will have a negative impact on their health, whether it is their physical health or their emotional health.

 Why would people justify anything that will affect their emotional health in a negative way?
 Remember it is easier to stay the course than it is to change a lifelong belief. The beliefs that people hold have been built on other beliefs, in doing so an entire life can be built on a foundation of beliefs that are not healthy, emotionally of physically. They see proof of their beliefs in their daily routine and because of this they justify their thoughts, words or actions. 

 How do people know if the beliefs they are justifying are true and right for them?
 A true belief is one that is based on deep love, for oneself and those around the world. If a person treats themselves poorly, but justifies their behavior, then this belief is one that should be challenged and possibly discarded from ones consciousness. Let us give you an example, if a person eats poorly and is not healthy, they can simply ask themselves how do they feel eating this way? The true loving answer will be felt by them, but again challenging a lifetime of eating poorly may be too much of a challenge for them. They then find a way to justify their eating habits, without experiencing any self-love.

 Is there one major reason why people justify anything?
 One powerful reason would be fear. Fear, because people trust their beliefs and find tremendous comfort in their beliefs. It can be a challenge to move out of a person's comfort zone to begin to accept a new belief within their life. Fear will also prevent a person from setting aside their beliefs to begin a journey within to discover who they truly are. 

 I'm still thinking about justifying bad behavior.
 Bad behavior is the result of holding beliefs that are not true, right or loving. Many times bad behavior is the result of not taking full responsibility for ones true happiness. Blaming others for a person's situation is one way in which people will justify their bad behavior. Their belief is that another person hurt them and because of this they can justify their behavior. Again they are not challenging this belief, through taking full responsibility for the outcome of their life situation.

 That sounds like: I am unhappy because that person hurt me, and I can justify my unhappiness because of their behavior. 
 This is correct, they justify their unhappiness because they feel that it is the result of being hurt by someone else.

 This conversation could go on for a long time when we think of how people justify their behavior. 
 It could. It is important for people to look within themselves and discover why they justify certain aspects of their life. If the reason for their justification is not based in love, kindness and compassion then the belief should be challenged and disregarded from their consciousness. 


 What do you think? What do you justify in your life? Do you justify a belief that makes you feel uncomfortable? Could you examine your beliefs and challenge those that are not based in love, kindness and compassion. Leave a comment if you would like to discuss this further. 

Until next time.

Peace and Well-Being,



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