Life in the Eye of the Hurricane

 In my daily writing I was having a conversation with my Inner Voice about how people allow the events of life to dictate the outcome of their happiness. Meaning that oftentimes we allow ourselves to get caught up in situations that carry us far away from our true place of center, and emotional stability. With these thoughts in mind, I thought that a conversation with my Inner Voice would be insightful. My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.                                    

 People fail to realize that they have control over how they react to the events of life. Many times they get caught up in experiences that truly do not serve their greater good. When they get caught up in a situation people will become separated from the guidance that will help them through the situation. In a sense they become involved in the experience and distance themselves from their place of center and balance.

 If people didn't become involved in a situation then those around them would think that they are callous and unloving. What then?
 There is no point in becoming involved in a negative situation, because the energy of negativity will keep a person from the very guidance that will help them through the situation. The intention would be to not become emotionally attached to the situation. Meaning that while in a negative situation if a person stays centered and balanced, they will have the resources available to them to handle the situation without being impacted by the negativity.

 Yes, but negative experiences can overtake a persons life quickly. How do we handle this?
 The moment a negative situation arises there is a brief period of time when you should ask yourself how you should react to maintain your place of center. Imagine a negative experience as a hurricane, where in the storm is it best for you to stay centered and positivity focused? In the eye of the hurricane, of course. Now think of the negative event as a hurricane and your true place of center will be found in the eye of the chaos. This is a powerful place to be, because you can see the storm but you are not part of it. You can quiet your mind and from there you will be able to receive the guidance that will direct you to the best course of action.

 Would this view only be useful in negative situations or in all of life?
 If you were to accept that you are at you strongest and the most connected with your true self while in the eye of the hurricane, then yes, this is the preferred place to be. From your place of center you choose not to become involved in the hurricane of life. Meaning that as you stay centered and balanced, you do not allow yourself to be swept up in the chaos that is happening around you. This does not mean that you have your head in the sand, this means that you choose to remain strong and aware of the events around you, but you know that staying in the eye of the storm will be to your advantage.

 This seems like a new way to look at life. Why is that?
 Few people take the time and examine how their way of life affects their true happiness. People also fail to realize that much of the hurricane they experience in their life is because of their reaction to life. Not all situations in life need a reaction that will throw you off center or out of touch with your inner guidance. Remember, that while in the eye of the storm there is calmness and stability, while in the storm there is chaos and uncertainty.

 Being in the eye of the storm does what for us?
 Being in the eye of the storm allows you to quiet your mind to discover the true, loving guidance that will benefit you the most, whether it is a onetime negative event or a series of negative situations. Have you ever experienced a negative event where you threw yourself into the negativity? How did that work out for you? Did it help the situation? Were you pleased with the results? The reason for these questions is so that you can look at how your behavior effected the outcome and how it impacted your happiness.

 It could be a challenge to not become involved in the hurricane of life. 
 When you accept that you have control over your reactions to the events in your life, you will be moving closer to the eye of the storm. The challenge originates from the fear of stepping away from something that has felt normal for most of your life. Few people are willing to truly accept that they allow their life to be directed by events outside of themselves, meaning, they allow the hurricane to dictate their happiness. The whole time that are seeking happiness and inner peace they are swept up in the whirlwind of life.

 You are saying that we should focus on our reactions to life and not allow the events of life to throw us into the chaos. Then from there, we will maintain our place of center and focus in the calmness of the eye.
Yes! People can choose where they want to be, emotionally, or physically, in any situation in life. But remember, to experience the fullness of who you are with love, compassion and kindness, you must be balanced and centered in the eye of the hurricane.


 Does this resonate to you? Do you think that you can separate yourself from the hurricane and live life balanced and centered in the eye of the storm? Let me know what you think. If you have any questions, please reach out so that we can shine the light of clarity on the subject.

Peace and Well-Being,


Copyright Paul Hudon 2019


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