The Significance of Others

Years ago, one of my first jobs was clearing tables at a local restaurant. It was here where I discovered that people will treat you differently if you have no real value to them. This was a painful lesson that caused me to become aware of how I treat others, whether it's the doctor or the person that picks up my trash. I have since learned that many people treat those that have less glamorous titles and jobs, as insignificant. 
 This still shocks me to this day, but it is all too common. I though that I would seek some clarity on this subject with my Inner Voice. My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

 What ever happened to the belief that all people are created equal?
 All people are indeed created equal, it is in the reaction from others that this powerful truth becomes skewed. Few people are willing to accept that all life has been created out of the same energy, this is the energy of love. When you begin to accept yourself with this love, there then becomes no need to treat those around you with anything but love. 
 When a person is unaware of this powerful love, they will do whatever it takes to make themselves feel better about themselves. Oftentimes this comes in the form of judgement, ridicule or a lack of respect. But the root of this behavior is a lack of love for oneself. This person will be putting others down to make themselves feel better about who they are, or who they believe themselves to be. They believe that they are not equal with the homeless person and this helps build their sense of worth.

 It seems that people that behave this way do not see the value in those that cannot help them with their stature?
 For many people there is the question of how can this person help them move up in life. If there is no  clear assistance or value, then they will disregard this person as not being needed in their life, judging them as insignificant. Their thoughts are that they must always be seeking people that help them advance through life. What people fail to realize is that the truth of a person is not what they do for a living. The truth of a person is how they behave towards those around them. Nothing shows the world who a person is than by how they treat others. 

  The term insignificant when referring to other people is painful for me to write and think about. Are people that insecure that they behave this way?
 When someone judges others, they do so to boost their self-worth and their idea of who they are. This is the behavior of an ego that needs a constant boost emotionally to maintain a high view of themselves. What they fail to realize is that the need to judge those that cannot advance their self-esteem is a sign of their lack of the love for themselves. Remember, you cannot claim to love yourself if you judge others as insignificant, this will only cause a deep unhappiness within you and no lasting growth will ever be accomplished.

 This behavior begins with a lack of self-worth and self-love, but the intention behind this behavior is to make oneself feel better by judging others as insignificant? 
 Any judgement of another person is done solely to boost the self-opinion of the person doing the judging. The intention of judgement is to gauge oneself against that of another person, no matter who this person is or what they do to feed their family. 

  It's sad to think about, really.
 Few people have been taught to seek the love that is within them. Oftentimes they are taught to find love everywhere but in themselves. Because of this they will be constantly searching for love by any means possible, confusing true love and true self-worth with how judgement makes them feel. Then this cycle continues, because they cannot find true love, so they must judge others to make themselves feel better about themselves, again and again.

 Having been judged as insignificant by others, I could feel the energy of this judgement. It didn't make me feel good at all, other people must also be able to feel this negative energy?
 Judgement is a powerful negative emotion, and this negativity will radiate out from the person doing the judging. What people fail to realize is that true wisdom is spoken in many, many different ways. Meaning, when people disregard someone as insignificant they are blocking any guidance that this person may have, thus blocking any information for forward progress.

 That is interesting, because some of the most enlightening conversations that I have ever had have been with people that have challenging lives with very ordinary jobs. People that many would say have insignificant lives.
 When you begin to live life through the love that is within you and all people, you will connect with people through this love. It is here that true wisdom will be shared and spread throughout the world. 
 All people are created equal, and all people have been created out of the same powerful, never-ending love. It is this belief that will change the way in which people see those around them. All people have important value to the world as a whole, one must change their focus and come to realize that every person on Earth has significance.

 What do you think? Have you ever been judged this way? Can you discover the love that is within you and begin to experience life through this love instead of judgement? 
 Let me know what you think.

Peace and Well-Being,

 Copyright Paul Hudon, 2019


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