Denying Our True Desires

 I have often wondered why we deny ourselves what we truly desire, and because of this we deny ourselves our happiness as well. I'm not just talking about the perfect car, or the beautiful house, I'm talking about denying ourselves our self-love and inner peace. With this in mind I thought that a conversation with my Inner Voice would be appropriate.
 If I have a question I will write it in italics, otherwise the voice of my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

 Many people believe that the road to their higher self is through self-sacrifice. Not just sacrificing their free time or donating a little money from time to time, but sacrificing their true desires, which means sacrificing their happiness as well.

 What people fail to realize is that they do not have to sacrifice any aspect of their life as they seek to live through their true desires. A true desire is a desire that has deep, important meaning in one's life, whether it is living the life of an artist, teaching at the university, or becoming the CEO of a large company. Any desire that has true meaning to a person is a desire that is worth pursuing.

 Oftentimes people will not follow their true desire because it may be too challenging for them. They may not understand that there will be useful lessons for them in any difficult situation. Remember to be successful (no matter what their definition of success may be) an artist must create art, a teacher must teach, and the CEO must lead. Not all of the art produced will be beautiful, but this art will have important lessons learned from creating it. In other words, no one is successful without failure or a mistake. Though in the failure and the mistake, there will be a place of positive growth. Those that deny themselves the ability to live through their true desires may be afraid of the journey, because they may fear failure.

 Any true desire will have its challenges to overcome, but getting started may be the biggest challenge of them all. Most people will never start down the path to becoming a CEO because they are afraid of what others may think if they fail along the way. Why do people care what others think while following their true desires?

 Only the person with the desire can truly know the depth of how important the aspiration really is. Sacrificing one's hopes and dreams because it makes those around them uncomfortable is an act of self-destruction. People do this because they are more concerned with being accepted by others than  in accepting themselves and accomplishing a life goal or fulfilling a dream.

 When a person denies themselves a true desire, they are also denying themselves the ability to love themselves without condition. From this powerful place of self-denial, they are also limiting their ability to experience any inner peace as well. Remember, a true desire is something that matters to this person, and to reject the desire, is to tell themselves that they are not worthy of seeking an objective that will make them truly happy.

 The reasons for this self-destructive behavior are endless, every person will have a different reason for not chasing their dreams, and many of these excuses are not based on the truth. It is when a person becomes honest with themselves, that they can see that many of their reasons for not working towards their dreams may all be based on fear.

 This fear can be overcome by knowing that the desire is real, the feeling to pursue the desire is honest, and the opinions of others have no merit when it comes to something as powerful as a true, honest desire. Oftentimes the fear that other people express is their fear and has no real value in the life of a person with the desire. No other person truly knows the depth to which the desire is experienced within a person. For that reason alone, no person should ask others for advice on what steps must come next along their journey. The answers from others will be based on their life experience and not based on the direction of the true desire.

  A true desire will come to be when a person is connected with the love that is within them, and the answers to all of their questions will be heard when they are at peace with the choices that they have made. There is no need to sacrifice a true desire to please others There is only the need to love oneself  and follow what will make them truly happy as this will be the path to success.


Have you given up on a dream or desire because it threatened those around you? Or have you been fearful of the unknown so you have not yet pursued your dreams? Has this article helped you in any way? Let me know what you think. I'd appreciate any feedback.

Copyright Paul Hudon 2019


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