Discovering A True Desire

 In my last blog post I spoke with my Inner Voice about how we deny ourselves our true desires. I then thought, how will we know what our true desires are? With so many options in life, how will we know what is truly right for us? With these questions in mind I thought a conversation with my Inner Voice would help shed some light on this powerful subject.
My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

 There can be many distractions in our life. How will we know what a true desire really is? 
A true desire is anything that is maintained in your consciousness amid all of the distractions. A true desire may be the constant thought of writing a book, traveling the globe or something as simple as taking the time to learn to work with clay as an art form. Most people ignore these desires as taking too much time or believe that they are unnecessary in their life. A true desire is something that excites you, something that you can't get out of your mind, something that keeps reappearing in your life.

When you use the word distractions realize that distractions may help you separate yourself from the things that don't make you truly happy. Not all people want to travel around the world, but they may want to visit a neighboring state or provence. Distractions help you sift through the unwanted to discover the wanted.

 Lives change and desires may also. What then?
 Desires will change as you acquire the wisdom of life. It must be realized that throughout the course of life tremendous knowledge is gained. With each new day you can evaluate what feels right for you and what does not, then you can move in the direction that feels the best.

 Is that it, a true desire feels best? A partying lifestyle may feel best, but is that a true desire?
 There must be an honest evaluation of what feel best for you. Remember, the intention of a true desire is to find what makes you feel genuinely happy and live life through this happiness. The important thing is to be deeply honest with yourself while evaluating a desire.

 Being honest with ourselves can be a challenge for many people?
 This all about living the best life possible. If a person wants to deceive themselves about what makes them truly happy, then this is their choice. But no lasting happiness or inner peace will come out of this way of life. Sooner of later this person will realize that they are unhappy and that they are not living to their full potential.

 Not living to our true potential sounds harsh. Can you explain that?
 Living to your true potential is not only about following a true desire or not. Living your true potential is also discovering what it is that makes your heart race when you think about it or causes you to enjoy your life. Living your true potential can be knowing and living from the love that you have for yourself, this would be discovering your self-love.

 Would you connect self-love and living through my true desires?
 Self-love is an awareness of what makes you truly happy in all aspects of your life and then living through this awareness. If working with clay makes you deeply joyous then this is a true desire and an act of self-love as well. The intention is to discover your self-love, and then the desires that will make life worth living.

 So, a true desire must be discovered through the distractions of life, along with realizing our self-love at the same time?
 It is a powerful act of self-love to sift through life and discover what will make you profoundly happy, not just a physical happy, but a deep emotional happiness as well.

 The advice is to not only look for what will make you happy in your physical life but to sustain this feeling of happiness and connection when times are rough or challenging. Yes, there are many distractions in life, but from these distractions you will find what will maintain your happiness throughout your life.


Do you have a true desire that began as a hobby or a casual interest that grew into a powerful
desire? Does this blog post give you the tools to sift through the distractions to find that nugget of a true desire? Let me know what you think. Email me at

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