The Consciousness of Love

 In my daily writing with my Inner Voice, I was presented with the idea of the consciousness of love. Yes, all true love is a level of consciousness, but what is the consciousness of love on a larger scale? With this in mind, I thought that this topic needs further examination. I will let my Inner Voice explain.

 All that you see in your world and beyond was created out of love. Though you may differ with this truth, trust that it is so. There would be no point in creating all that you need if it were not created out of love. Everything that humanity wants is there for you, if not, someone creates it. This would mean that the basis of all life is love, even if you are not experiencing physical love in your life. Love is the foundation of all creation, and love is who you truly are.

 When you become aware of the true energy of love, you will begin to see and experience this love within your life. Remember each person has a choice as to what they focus upon. Focus upon negativity and this is what you will experience in your life. But you have a choice, you can focus on being positive and sharing the love that you have within you. This will affect your world in more positive ways than if you focus on negativity. 

 The consciousness of love is knowing that the root of who you are is love, then through this belief, accepting that all people have a basis of love as well. Even if people deny this and behave poorly they were created out of love. They have chosen to ignore this love and focus on the comfort of their negativity.

 To truly discover the consciousness of love you must journey within yourself, and release many of the beliefs that no longer serve your highest good. Judgement of others is a powerful deterrent to experiencing the love that is within you. It is important to realize that all people are doing the very best that they can at any moment in their life, including you. When you judge yourself for making a mistake, or not meeting a goal at work or in your personal life, you deny yourself the love that is your foundation. This love is your truth. 

 When you begin to accept that love is your truth, you will then begin to see others through this love, you will no longer have the desire or need to judge others. Remember judgement is a way to make yourself feel better by putting others down, there is no love in judgement. 

 The consciousness of love is a joining of the love that you have for yourself, those around you, and the love that has created all of creation. When you join with this powerful, eternal love, you raise your level of consciousness. You then become aware of the depth of this love, and this is then how you interact with the world around you. Each thought, word and action is then based on love. 

If this is a challenge, think for a moment about when you are in any negative state of mind. How does life unfold for you? How does life react to you? When in a negative place, physically or emotionally you limit the range of possibilities because of the level of consciousness that you are experiencing. Now, think of the times when you were happy, joyous and loving, it seems that all that you truly desire is being presented to you, and your life flows smoothly. This is because you are in higher levels of consciousness. 

Love is an ever expanding realm of consciousness, so when you are in-tune with the true love that is within you, you are connected with these higher levels of consciousness. To truly live your best life it is important to release any negativity from your being, and begin to experience life through the consciousness of love. 

 The best way to change the world around you is to become one with the consciousness of love, but to change the world, you must discover the love that is within you. From this powerful place, you can elevate your consciousness through accepting and being more loving to yourself and then to all those that you encounter in your day, whether they are loving or not. They may not be kind or loving, but you can change your perception of them through the consciousness of love.


Copyright Paul Hudon 2019


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