Discovering Your Inner Voice

The titles of my blog and Instagram account are: Sharing the Wisdom Spoken Through My Inner Voice. What is my Inner Voice? Where does my Inner Voice come from? Finally, do you have an inner voice that talks to you, as mine does to me?

This may be a challenge to understand, or it can be very simple, all that is required is an open heart, an open mind and the belief that anything is possible when we move past our false beliefs. I will need the help of my Inner Voice throughout this conversation. My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

 Many people have asked me if they have an inner voice, and if so, how can they access it?
The inner voice is within all people, but this loving voice can be overshadowed by a person's negative self-talk. Oftentimes people believe that their inner voice is the negative words they hear within themselves throughout their day. It must be understood that a person's true inner voice will only speak through love, kindness and compassion. No negative words or advice will ever be given by person's true inner voice. 

People must also understand that their inner voice is not only a voice, it may be a gut feeling that many people would call intuition or instincts. Even a tingling sensation on the back of ones neck would be considered a message from the inner voice. What few people realize is that these messages are meant for your safety and happiness. Also the basis of these messages is love, an everlasting, powerful love. No matter what your state of mind, these messages are being sent to you. It would be your present emotional state that will allow these messages to be heard or not.

Some people would argue that they don't have an inner voice. What would you say to them? 
Everyone has an inner voice. If a person is not experiencing this powerful form of guidance, it may be because they confuse it with their negative self-talk, or their ego, that will guide them in ways that are not in-line with their inner truth. Remember, the inner voice has a person's best interest as its main focus. There must also be a belief that the possibility of a loving energy exists within the human consciousness, this loving energy will be a person's inner voice.

A person may have to sift through the other voices that they hear within themselves to unearth their true inner voice. Most people hold the opinions of other people in higher regard than they hold their own beliefs about themselves. This will prevent a person from hearing the true voice of love that is within all people.

Where does the inner voice come from?
Your inner voice comes from the loving energy of all creation. Imagine that you have a twin in the nonphysical realm, and this twin loves you very much, it loves you more than you will ever know in your physical body. The job of your twin is to keep you safe and guide you through life because of the tremendous love that it has for you. Gut feelings or the hair  raising on the back of your neck are signs from your inner voice warning you to be cautious in the moments ahead.

What is he best way to use the information that I feel, or hear from my inner voice?
Use this information as guidance. When you get an odd gut feeling you may want to ask yourself a few questions about your safety, your happiness or if you should stop what you are doing and reevaluate your current course of action. The important thing to remember is that you want to answer these questions honestly. Oftentimes if you have an odd gut feeling, or your intuition is telling you to stop, yet you proceed, you may experience an uncomfortable result. In this case you have gone against the guidance spoken to you from your inner voice and the result may have gone poorly for you. When you look back at a situation, and remember the gut feeling and see the end result, you will learn the benefit of the gut feeling, and you then begin to trust the feeling as guidance.

Will my inner voice only speak to me in negative situations? What if I'm happy and joyful being around my friends, will I experience any guidance?
If you are happy and joyful, then realize that you are in a good place emotionally and you are in sync with your nonphysical twin. Nevertheless, if while in a joyous state of being, and you get an odd gut feeling trust that this is important guidance advising you to reevaluate your current situation.

 What would be the takeaway from this conversation, that a person could use to be more open to experiencing their inner voice?
Trust that all people have an inner voice, whether they hear it, feel it, or not. It may take time to sift through all of the chatter that goes on within the human mind, but remember your inner voice is the only voice that speaks through its love for you. The inner voice is a never-ending stream of love, no matter how negative you feel about yourself, or your life situation, this voice is there for you. All that you need to do is to ask your inner voice for guidance, and then trust that the answer will come to you. There is no need to doubt the guidance from this powerful loving voice.


 Does this resonate with you? Have you experienced guidance through a gut feeling, or a tingling sensation that later you realized was guidance? Let me know what you think, I'm interested to hear.
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