A Solo Journey

I was asked recently, how does a person discover their true self-love? I thought that I would let my Inner Voice explain. 

Each person is responsible for their own happiness. No other person can support you through all of the struggles of life, as you can for yourself. The challenge becomes accepting this powerful truth. The reason for this is because each person is going through their own struggles, and at times they are focused on themselves and cannot give you the support that you may be asking from them. It’s not that they don’t love you—and they may—it is that they are doing the best that they can do, given their life situation. 

This is the importance of discovering the true, inner strength and love that is within you. If you seek your self-worth from the behavior of others, in time they will let you down. It may not be on purpose, but you may feel the emotional sting of this letdown. It must also be realized that everyone in your life—including you—is doing the very best that they can at this moment in time. When this truth becomes part of your consciousness, you can release any judgement of them when they are too focused on their life to accept any more responsibility for your self-esteem.

Discovering your own true self-love is a process of discarding many of the beliefs that no longer serve you. These beliefs cover a wide range of subjects, including what you think of yourself. Any belief that is not based in love, kindness and compassion is a belief that is worth examining to see if the belief truly serves your greater good. One way to improve your awareness of the beliefs that you hold is to become conscious of the words that you speak. Remember though, every word begins with a thought, if you are speaking poorly about yourself, then you are thinking poorly of yourself as well. This behavior will limit your ability to see yourself through the eyes of love, kindness and compassion. 

Another way to discover the true love that is within you, is to silence the almost constant negative self-talk that you keep repeating to yourself. There is no truth in negative self-talk, oftentimes negative self-talk are the beliefs of others that have come into your life as opinions. Many times, opinions come from people that you respect and possibly love, you trust them, and you may trust their opinion of you, even if their opinion is not true for you. The only opinion that truly matters is the opinion that you have towards yourself, after you silence your negative self-talk.

When you begin to discover your true self-love, you will also begin to speak your truth. Though this will take courage and emotional strength, your inner truth is who you truly are, only now you love yourself enough to live through this powerful act of self-love. From this new awareness the behavior of those around you will be a reflection of them and not a measuring stick for your self-worth. In your new place of power you no longer need to judge others as a way of making yourself feel good. 

These are the rewards of the solo journey of self-discovery. No one can do it for you, but everyone will benefit from the love that you have discovered within you. Now you can share this love freely without the expectation or condition of love being returned to you.

I hope that this blog post adds clarity to any questions that you may have. If you do have a question, please feel free to reach out to me. I will gladly take the time to answer your question as thoroughly as possible.

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