Self-Love and Saying No

Self-love and saying no. Can the two coexist? Is it possible to say no to someone that you love and still maintain self-loving peace within you? Have you ever experienced a situation where you said yes to someone and regretted it, thus separating yourself from your self-love?  

  Self -love is the love that you have for yourself, simple isn’t it? But do we truly love every aspect of ourselves? Is it possible to accept ourselves for whom we see in the mirror? To experience our true selves through our self-love, we must see the person in the mirror with deep understanding and compassion. Self-love is to love whom you see in the mirror no matter what is happening in your day, and then to accept that you are doing the very best that you can. To truly love yourself is to find inner peace and then live life through this peace.

 Self-love is realizing that there is no joy or happiness in making a decision for something that will make you uncomfortable, or miserable. Even though you may have said yes to a task that you knew would cause you emotional difficulty, you went ahead anyway. It must be understood that there is little self-love when you disregard your emotional stability to please those around you.

  When a person begins to live through their self-love, they will become aware of what makes them truly happy. If saying yes goes against their inner peace and degrades their self-love, then this is an act of self-sacrifice. In this situation, nothing positive can be realized, because the act of sacrifice will cause emotional turmoil within, and this energy will radiate out and be felt by those on the receiving end of the sacrifice. People will say yes, out of their obligation to others and not out of their obligation for their own happiness.

  If a situation arises and you feel emotional stress within you, then say no. To maintain true inner peace and self-love is to stay centered through all that life has to offer. In this place of self-love, you will discover the wisdom that is within you. Self-love only asks that you place yourself first in your life, remember, this is not a brash ego driven love. Through experiencing this love, you will discover your ability to see a situation, and know if it is truly right for you. With this new awareness you will have the inner strength to say no, or yes, based on how the answer truly makes you feel. If a question challenges your place of inner peace, then the true answer will be the one that is rooted in self-love.

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Thanks for being a part of this wonderful adventure called life.


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