Our Point of Veiw

I have been thinking about how each of us has a different point of view, and how our point of view will affect our interactions with those around us, and our view of the world. I thought that I would seek clarity with my Inner Voice on this subject.
My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

There are so many different points of view, it is understandable why people may have difficulty with one and other. 

Each person will experience life from their point of view. This point of view will have been created from their upbringing, their education and of course the events of their life. Similar to beliefs, a point of view is the way a person sees the world. Though each person will have a different view of the world, they will also have commonalities with those that have different views. 

The question becomes: “Why do people focus on their differences, and not their similarities?” When a person focuses on the differences of those around them, they are in essence judging them as different than they are. Judgement plays a large role in those that choose to see differences in  other people.

Throughout the world there are many different life situations that people may experience. Those that live in a country torn by war, or economic upheaval, will have a different perspective than someone living in the heart of a wealthy nation. This does not make those that are struggling with war wrong, or inadequate, this just makes their life different. Yes, their point of view will appear different than someone living in comfort, but there will be commonalties that may be the same. 

Living in a war torn country, the streets of a major city, or in the country with livestock, the view is different, but the commonalities will be the same. Everyone wants a safe place to sleep, clean water to drink and healthy food to eat, for them and their family, to name just a few. 

Oftentimes it is the differences that become the way in which people see and judge those around them. Though it must be realized that the differences in a person’s point of view are based on their life experience, and are not reasons to judge them. Imagine being judged for something in your life that you have no control over, your native language, the color of your skin, or the country that you were born. These are differences that only appear to someone that is standing outside of your physical body. Your native language is completely normal to you, as is your skin color and the country in which you were born. We return to the question: “Why focus on the differences?” 

If you were to travel to a foreign county, your native language may not be understood, or your skin color may be in the minority. How would this shift in perspective change your point of view? You would be judged by your differences, and not the similarities that you may have with those in this foreign country.

To move to higher states of consciousness we must look past these superficial differences, and discover the core of who we are. Once there, we will be able to understand our commonalities with those that look, speak and may have different customs than us.

If this appears to be a challenge, then we must look within ourselves and release the beliefs that prevent us from this positive shift in our consciousness. Any change in our point of view must come from an understanding that we are one with all of creation. There is no true difference between us and the person that is sleeping on a park bench, or those living in a war zone. Our commonalities will be the same, though our point of view will be very different. 

The question then becomes: “Can we shift our consciousness, and begin to see those around us through the commonalities that are similar to ours?” If the answer is yes, then we are moving to higher, more compassionate realms of consciousness, and we will be releasing our need to judge those around us based on our differences. 


When I think about it, I do feel that we have more in common with those around us than we have in our differences, but oftentimes we focus on the differences. 

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