Your Inner Guidance

This email conversation was first sent out in early November, 2018

Today is the first day of our “Conversation a Week Email.” I’m excited to share what Jane and I have been experiencing for the past few years. I never know the direction of the conversation, though I always ask questions if I need more clarity. 

Good afternoon, it is a beautiful day in this high mountain valley. What are we going to share this week?

Good afternoon to all of you that have an interest in these conversations. Many will ask where do these conversations originate? In simple truth, they originate from pure love. This is the love that has created all that you can see in the physical world and all that is unseen in the nonphysical realm. We know that this does not fully answer the question, but it can get very complex if we attempt to answer any further. This love has been called everything from, God, The Great Creator, Source, Spirit, A Higher Consciousness, and we could go on and on. When a label is placed on this loving energy it limits the scope of our love for you and all beings on Earth. Imagine trying to fit endless, eternal, love into a neat box that will make all people happy and comfortable, it just can’t be done.

So, why do we speak through Paul? We speak to all of you through your instincts, intuition and your gut feelings, to name a few. But many times people block this guidance through self doubt, false beliefs and of course, negative self talk. We will discuss all of these topics in future conversations. Through a desire that Paul has for a connection to his true self, he has opened himself up to hear our “Voice” when he is centered and in a good, clear, frame of mind. 

When you are in a peaceful place emotionally, you may feel your instincts with more power and intention. This is because you have distanced yourself from the issues of the day, and you are feeling your inner guidance through your instincts, without any blocks or interruptions. 

People commonly speak of the instincts of animals in the wild, and how animals use this guidance to protect them from the other predators. It is the same way with humans, remember it wasn’t that long ago that humans were animals in the wild. Guidance flows to all beings in many different ways, Paul had an awareness of an uncomfortable gut feeling—which he later learned was guidance. He has since made following this inner guidance the priority in his life. His commitment to this guidance has allowed him to clear the path to hearing our voice anytime he is centered and focused. Each person has the ability to hear their inner guidance, whether it is through a voice, a gut feeling, instincts or intuition. Even a conversation with a stranger, may reveal to you the answers that you are seeking, if you are aware that guidance flows to you in many, many ways. 

It is equally important to follow the guidance as it is to hear the guidance. Through Paul’s life he could see where he felt the uncomfortable gut feeling, knew that his course of action was not in his best interest, yet for some reason he went ahead anyway, only to see it play out poorly for him. He can also look back and see where he had the bad gut feeling, changed his course of action to relieve the discomfort, and soon discovered that nothing negative happened. Look back on your own experience, can you see where you went against your inner guidance and had a unsatisfying outcome?
The key is to notice any discomfort within you, before an event, decision, or meeting, even the slightest discomfort is a sign from your inner guidance. With time, and focus, you will become more aware of these messages, and through this awareness, the strength of these feelings will grow. You could start by simply asking yourself if your present course of action is true and right for you. Ask yourself, yes or no, before you commit to an obligation, then allow yourself to feel the answer. The correct choice will be the one that feels truly the best, the one that feels like love. 

This love is who you truly are, and this love is your connection with the love that has created you. Your ability to feel this love, is Your Inner Guidance.

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Peace and Well Being,


Copyright Paul Hudon 2018


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