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In my weekly writing with my Inner Voice, we often discuss the idea that each person has an inner truth. What is it? How can we access the truth? What are the benefits of seeking this truth? I thought that I would share this conversation with you. My questions will be in italics for clarity.


When a person becomes in touch with their inner truth, they begin to discover a strength that was previously unknown to them. This strength is knowing that they are not alone, nor have they ever been alone. Though they may feel isolated in their physical body, they are connected to their truth through the nonphysical realm. 

To become in touch with their inner truth, a person must detach themselves from the desire to please others through acts of self-sacrifice. This is because no single act of self-sacrifice will be enough to please others, there will always be another demand.

How does sacrifice affect our inner truth?

Discovering one’s inner truth, is discovering what truly makes one happy. Not just happy in the physical world, but happy within themselves, and with themselves. If a person sacrifices themselves to please others, they are placing their true desire aside to please those around them. This behavior will not produce any lasting happiness within the person that is sacrificing.

Remember, when we use the word desire, we are talking about the act of seeking one’s truth. You can desire to be connected with your true self, you can desire to reconnect with the love of all of creation, and you can desire to connect with your nonphysical self. Desire is not only limited to the physical world, with physical objects. 

When we say, sacrificing a true desire, imagine sacrificing a part of yourself that is seeking a higher realm of consciousness—your inner truth— all to please someone else. There will be no positive growth from this experience. 

Discovering our inner truth can be a challenge.

Your inner truth is who you truly are, and who you are meant to be, along with realizing your  true purpose in this lifetime. This realization may be simple, or it may be complex, though the process to achieve this realization may be the same. 
This journey would begin with a desire to live life to one’s full potential. Imagine your full potential as living life through love, love for yourself, love for those in your immediate life, and love for all of humanity. 

Though this may appear as a insurmountable task, it begins wth loving yourself, because no true love will be experienced, or shared with others, until you begin to love yourself. Oftentimes people will associate their true potential as what they do for a living, or accomplishing certain life goals. Through the process of discovering one’s inner truth, life will be lived through love. Then, what you do for a living become a part of who you are and not your complete identity.  Your true identity is now based on love, and your inner truth has a foundation created out of this love as well.

How do we begin to experience this love?

Realize that this love is within all people, but it gets buried by a desire to please others, through any act of self-sacrifice. It is important to examine and release any belief that is not rooted in love. This would mean that any belief that is negative is worth questioning, as this belief is blocking this love from being experienced. Also know that this love flows within you all of the time—this is your inner truth. When you doubt yourself, when you ridicule or criticize yourself, you block yourself from experiencing this love. 

 We began this conversation with realizing that we are not alone. How does this fit into what we are discussing now?

There must be an acceptance that there is much more going on in life than one can see and touch. When a person is in touch with their inner truth, guidance will flow to them in the form of coincidence, and synchronicity. These powerful forms of guidance originate in the nonphysical realm. Imagine having a twin in the nonphysical realm, this twin is as much a part of you as you are of them. If this is a challenging thought, how often have you heard people talk about their guardian angel? Little do they realize how true this statement really is.

This would be a challenge for some people to accept.

Remember their challenge, is a block that will limit the flow of guidance and love that comes from experiencing their inner truth.
It can be a challenge to accept that we all have an inner truth. One thing that is reassuring for me is that this truth is based on love, and that I don’t need to sacrifice any aspect of my true desires to live life through this truth.

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Thanks for reading my post today.

Peace and Well-Being.

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