I have been thinking about distractions lately. Could a relationship, or job be a distraction? With all of the choices that we have to make in a day, how do we know if we are making the right choice? Once again I turn to my Inner Voice for guidance. My questions will be in italics for clarity.

With every decision there are many options. Each choice will reveal a different direction to travel, but there will also be distractions. These are choices that may appear to be worthwhile, but they do not serve your best interest. There will be decisions that have only two options, one is the true way, and the other will be a distraction disguised as the right choice. These decisions can be the most challenging to make, and to understand.

It can take a while before we realize that a decision was a distraction. What then?

With each decision there will be guidance flowing to you. When you pay attention to this guidance, you will know which choice is truly right for you. Even when you ask the opinions of others, there will be inner guidance that will be more accurate for the choices that you are about to make. Your intuition will guide you in the right direction, before a decision becomes a distraction.

Life is full of decisions. The possibility of choosing a distraction is very high. 

The thing to understand about distractions is that there will be learning and growth within the distraction. If you are focused on a certain outcome, yet you choose a distraction, you will know it quickly. The energy will not line up with your goals, and life will feel off balanced, because it is. The thought to remember, is when you become truly focused in your life, you will also know and trust the guidance that flows to you. 

Would you explain learning and growth within a distraction.

In every decision there is an opportunity for learning and growth, if you are aware of this truth. If you were to make a choice without much though, and this choice hinders your ability to move forward, you will have learned to be more thorough when it comes to your thought process. The distraction has caused you to become more focused on your choices and your inner guidance.

I have to be aware that even if I choose the distraction, there will be learning and growth that will benefit me?

Yes, but only if you accept that there will be a lesson in the decision. If you choose recklessly then you will not see the lesson, you will be stuck with the distraction with no way to release it from your consciousness.

It can be hard to be that focused all of the time, so that I would know a distraction from the right choice.

This focus is not a singleminded focus, this focus takes into consideration all of the elements of your life. This way you have a wide perception of the choices before you. Oftentimes people may be too focused to see the solution that is right in front of them. Imagine this focus as looking up and seeing all that is around you, not only looking down at the ground right in front of your feet. You would be focused in both situations, but one will benefit you more than the other. 

If we choose the distraction, wouldn't it help us narrow down the options?

Yes it would, but you could be wasting valuable time and energy, also while you are working through the distraction, you may miss an important opportunity. 

 I remember once, realizing a choice I was about to make was a distraction, and that this direction was not in the direction that I truly wanted to go. I declined the offer, but it was very tempting. What then?

The quest is to stay true to yourself and the honest desires that you have. If the distraction was chosen you would have realized the mistake over time. By then you would have invested much of your energy in forcing the distraction into something that looks like your truth. Though you would have known early on by the energy that you were experiencing. 

 One last takeaway about distractions?

A distraction can come in many forms, people, jobs, thoughts and the beliefs of others. In every decision there will be guidance flowing to you. It is up to you to acknowledge this inner guidance, and move forward in the direction that truly serves your highest interest.

This can be a challenging topic, but for me it wasn’t until much later, after the decision, that I realized the choice I made was a distraction. Though now I can see the powerful lesson the distraction has taught me. 

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