Moment of Choice

I’m always surprised when someone reacts in anger. It seems that they go right to anger without giving the situation any thought. This is curious behavior, though I can see how I reacted this way in my past. 
The question then becomes, is there a better way to react? Once angry, hurtful words are spoken, it’s hard to go back. You can’t unring the bell as they say. Would there be a way to slow down the process? Is it possible to find clarity before we open the door to anger? 
With these questions in mind I will seek guidance from my Inner Voice. My questions will be in italics for clarity.
The ability to stay centered and true to oneself in times of hardship can be a challenge. This is where you will find your true strength. There is no point in becoming involved in the negative words and actions of others. Even if their words harm you, you do not have to engage in retaliation. No good will come from moving off of center to lower levels of consciousness as you become part of someone’s negative energy. 

Oftentimes we react without much thought, from there it can go downhill quickly.

There is a brief moment before every action is taken, that separates you from your next choice. Imagine this moment as an instant of clear thinking, in that instant, you have the time to make a choice— do you become involved in negativity, or do you stay centered, and positive. This is a split second decision that can make the difference between walking away in peace, or walking into a storm of anger. Few people know this moment exists, that is why most situations go downhill quickly.

Is this because we have not been taught about this brief moment?

People will learn from those around them. If waiting before any action is taken, is not seen by others, it is not learned.  

The intention is to stay centered throughout any situation that is negative. Why? In a place of true center you will be the most receptive to guidance. Whether the guidance is from your intuition, instincts or synchronicity, you are the most receptive when you are truly centered.

What will we experience in our place of center?

Imagine your true center as the eye of a hurricane, you see, feel, and hear everything, yet you will not allow yourself to become involved in the swirling energy. You are aware, you are engaged, you are separate from this energy. Though the storm is powerful, it is working to draw you in, but you can choose to maintain your place of center. 

That takes focus, strength, and courage, because sometimes the draw to become involved is so powerful.

Yes, it will take focus, strength and courage, this is where you will be the most centered and receptive to guidance. As you stay in your true place of center, you will have the clarity to make the important choices needed in any situation—negative or positive.

I remember working to stay centered in a negative situation, every time I did not engage in the conversation, the other person grew more and more angry. I chose to stay centered, the pull to become involved was great, as the conversation became very negative. This behavior worked for me, although the other person is still angry. I often think that I should have engaged in this conversation.

This is what we mean when we say that the clarity from staying centered allows you to maintain a positive frame of mind. At the time there was too much negativity for any of your words to make a difference, it may still be this way today. 

Every person has the same moment of choice as you do, it is up to them to take a step back while choosing the correct course of action. No lasting solutions can come from thinking, speaking or acting in anger, it’s just not possible. Why? Because anger is among many powerful negative emotions that people experience everyday. Negative emotions are lower levels of energy, and consciousness. From these lower levels of consciousness, no higher levels of awareness can be reached, the energy shift will be too great. 

Not engaging in negativity was/is my best choice?

Not engaging in negativity is always the best choice. When you maintain your center and do so in the brief moment before reacting, you will be a state of consciousness that will allow you to react with clarity, and compassion, even if you say nothing at all.
Do we have the strength to take a step back and think before we react? Not just think, but focus on staying in a centered place emotionally. If we can accomplish this, we will be able to see clearly the steps we need to take for the best outcome possible. 
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