Freedom Through Responsibility

When I was a young carpenter, I began to realize that the more responsibility I took at work, the more freedom I had. I began to think of this as freedom through responsibility. The more responsibility I accepted, the less I would see of the carpenter foreman. I began to enjoy this freedom and the work that responsibility brought to me. 

The question then becomes, can we experience freedom through our responsibilities towards ourselves? Are we more or less free when we take responsibility for our own life situation? I thought that a conversation with my Inner Voice would add some insight to this subject. My questions will be in italics for clarity.

Is it possible to gain freedom through responsibility?

Freedom can only be gained through responsibility. It must be understood that this responsibility is required for all aspects of your life, not just your job. One aspect would be taking responsibility for your emotional health, this would involve releasing your beliefs that truly do not serve your best interest. Remember, a belief that is not rooted in love is a belief that is worth releasing from your consciousness. This will give you the freedom to move to a more loving emotionally state of being, as the belief was holding you from experiencing this love. 

Yet, there is more to responsibility and freedom than just beliefs. Many people fail to accept their responsibility to maintain their place of center. A true place of center is a state of awareness that prevents the words, and actions of others from impacting your life in a negative way. This responsibility is rooted in self-love. The intention is to reach a place within yourself where you can ignore any negative word or action that you may experience in your day. 

How would this affect our freedom? 

Every time that you allow the words, or actions of others to harm you, you have become a victim of their behavior. Their negative conduct controls you emotionally, thus you have lost the freedom to live through your self-love.

I hadn’t thought about how the behavior of others steals away our freedom.

Think of how you feel when someone says something negative about you, to you. Do you absorb their negative comments into your consciousness? Then from there, you allow these comments to impact you in a negative way? Only through discovering and trusting the voice of self-love will you allow yourself the freedom to live the life you were always meant to live. 

If I allow the negative comments or behavior of others to disrupt my place of center, I then give up my freedom?

Yes, of course. Few people truly understand that they do not have to allow the negativity of others to impact their lives. All people have a responsibility to themselves to maintain their emotional health, and their physical health. Yet, more people focus on their physical health than they do on their emotional health. 

As you begin to love yourself more, you will build up the strength and courage necessary to shrug off any negativity that may come into your life. This is your responsibility—to maintain your awareness of your self-love.

When does freedom begin then?

Freedom begins the moment you decide to love yourself enough so the words and behavior of others will no longer impact your life in a negative way. This is true freedom—you are in a powerful state of love that cannot be shaken or destroyed by the behavior of others. You are then truly free because you have released the chains of their negativity, from your consciousness.

This seems difficult.

One reason for this, would be because you have lived much of your life tied to the belief that those around you are correct in their opinion of you. What if their opinions of you are wrong—which they are. How difficult is it to shed their opinion of you, and accept the never-ending love that will only be found within you? Discovering this eternal love is freedom, because now, you no longer allow those around you to control you emotionally through their behavior towards you.

Remember, this is about taking responsibility for your own true happiness, then living a life of freedom because of this new awareness. No one else can do this for you, it is your responsibility, but the reward will be a life of emotional freedom.


How often do we give the responsibility for our happiness and self-esteem over to others? Then are we free, or are we chained to their opinions of us?

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