Questions About Anger

I’m always surprised at how long people will carry anger within their consciousness. I know that in my past I have, yet this behavior serves no real purpose. Anger is much too powerful an emotion to just let this conversation slip by. With that in mind, I will ask my Inner Voice for guidance. My questions will be in italics for clarity.

Why is it that people choose to remain upset over things that have happened years ago?

Their anger is a form of strength for them. Deep within themselves they ask, 'What would I have if it were not for my anger?" If they forgive, what would others think? There is also fear built into their anger. Fear of being seen as weak if they forgive. Though this behavior may appear off base for those that are aware of the power of forgiveness, those that act this way see this as normal.

Yes, but being angry serves no true, real purpose.

You are correct, if you are balanced and centered. If life has been one of hardship after hardship, then anger may be the way that they see the world. They are angry at what life has done to them. 

Angry at what life has done to them, or angry for what they have allowed life to do to them?

Few people will truly accept that they allow life to control their lives. They falsely believe that life happens to them. Through this belief they do not have the strength or courage to accept responsibility for their life experience. It is much easier to blame life than it is to blame oneself for events turning out poorly.

They would deny that they allow life to dictate their lives.

They would be wrong. It must be remembered that they are doing the very best they can with their situation. They may have only enough strength to maintain where they are emotionally. To challenge a powerful emotion like anger can have many drawbacks. There must be a searching for a way past the power of the emotion. Forgiveness appears as a way of releasing others from their behavior—letting them off of the hook. This is one reason why few people truly forgive, they believe that by holding onto anger the other person suffers. They fail to understand that by holding onto anger only they suffer. 

You still can’t tell that to people, they just won’t hear it. 

They are deaf and blind with anger, they cannot see, or hear a way past their negative emotions. It is also important to remember that anger can be a place of comfort. Oftentimes anger can have a laser focus on the offender, this focus needs constant attention. This focus also supports the desire to remain angry. It then becomes a cycle, anger feeds anger, focus on anger and anger grows in strength.

You have spoken that love is on the other side of forgiveness. 

Imagine accepting that love is on the other side of forgiveness. If one is angry with another person then love is the last thing they want to experience towards this person. This is another reason that few people choose the road to true forgiveness.

Don’t people see that their anger controls them?

Their anger gives them a false sense of comfort, a false sense of identity. Why question their anger if they have built an identity around this powerful negative emotion. 

It’s a bit frightening really.

They may never change. They may never see the need to forgive. What will they have then? Nothing to push against, no one to focus their anger towards. If love is on the other side of forgiveness, forgiveness will never happen, then they stay in the negative emotion of anger. In the lower realms of consciousness where anger resides, it becomes difficult to move to a higher state of awareness. Their focus on anger, keeps them locked into lower levels of consciousness. 

What can we do for those trapped in their own anger?

Release your judgement of them. Know that they are doing the very best that they can given there current situation. Lastly, forgive them for what they are going through. Little is truly known of what they are experiencing in their life. Forgive them, release them of your judgement, and know that they have chosen this path, based on what they believe is right for them. 

Anger can build in strength quickly. It’s not always easy to confront the reason for our anger, yet the road to self-love goes through releasing our anger. Let me know what you think, leave a comment below, or email me at 
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Peace and Well-Being.

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