Staying Centered

This week I thought I would share a daily conversation with you. I wrote this early in the morning before the sun had risen. You will notice that I don’t ask any questions, this is how this week has been, the guidance was so strong that I didn’t feel a need to ask. 

As the New Year approaches it will be best to accept that there is much that you can do nothing about. This may cause frustration or aggravation, yet this is a choice. Few people truly understand that their reactions to life are a choice. They can choose to become emotionally involved with events they have no control over, or they can maintain a place of center by not being drawn into the whirlwind. How many would argue that this is a choice?

What most people fail to understand is that oftentimes they allow events, or comments from others, to overtake their emotional stability. This is handing their emotions over to an event they cannot control, or a person that has no regard for their feelings.

What if people were to focus on their inner strength, which would keep them from being drawn into the negativity around them. Imagine staying centered as someone rants about not getting the right gift for Christmas or a birthday, allowing the rant to pass by without it impacting one’s health. There is true strength in accepting that not all situations need a response. How would this make you feel?

What you may not realize is that to stay centered while involved in a cyclone of emotions is an act of true self-love. What would it feel like to say to yourself, “I choose to stay centered in this situation and not become absorbed by this energy.” At first this may be very challenging, yet through time you will notice that living this way is beneficial to your peace of mind. You could begin to say to yourself, “I love myself enough to stay away from this situation emotionally.” Again, how would that make you feel?

The intention is to reach a point of maintaining your place of center no matter what is happening around you. Yes, this may be a struggle at first, yet through time and experience, you will see how this behavior will keep you in a higher state of awareness.

When we look at negative energy, we see that it is a low level of consciousness. We also notice that there is little wisdom flowing within this realm. How often have you been angry and not heard any guidance that would make the situation better? 

While in a true place of center—away from the whirlwind—we will be in higher levels of consciousness. This is where we will experience higher levels of wisdom. This wisdom can be used to help maintain our place of center. What is also important to recognize is that in this place of center we are the most connected with our self-love. The goal would be to maintain our inner peace, as others become enveloped in lower levels of consciousness through anger or any negative emotion. 

One point to remember is that while in our place of center, we are the most receptive to guidance from our inner voice. This is where we will experience the love and wisdom that only happens while enjoying higher levels of consciousness

Yes, life can be a challenge at times, yet we do not have to disrupt our place of center by becoming involved in the negative energy of those around us. The point to remember is that oftentimes those around us want us to become involved in their negativity. This is a way of seeking justification for their behavior. For them it becomes easier to rant if they have a supportive audience, as if they are putting on a show. 

While in the last few days of this year, try to work at staying centered when events or people, begin to turn uncertain. This is a powerful place of wisdom and love. Wisdom to remain true to yourself. Love for yourself, by not allowing yourself to be drawn into an emotional whirlwind, that you have no control over.

The holidays can be a tough time for many people, yet can we separate ourselves from the energy that makes them a struggle? I hope that this post will help you through this season.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I appreciate your support.

Have a love-filled week.

Peace and Well-Being.


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