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The other day I met a woman who had a large bandage on her finger. With a joke, I asked her if she smashed it. She said no, but had cut it badly. She then went on to reveal that she had a feeling that she should not have been doing what she was doing. She mentioned that she should have listened to her inner voice.

How often does this happen? A person has an accident then wishes they had been more attentive to their intuition or the discomfort radiating from their gut? Where does this gut feeling originate  and why is it important? Its importance is obvious after the fact, yet why do we ignore something that can benefit us greatly? 

Once again, I will seek the guidance from my Inner Voice on the subject of inner guidance. My questions will be in italics for clarity.


It seems that many people feel the uncomfortable gut feeling, and they know that it is a warning, yet they go forward anyway. Why is that?

Few people take the time to connect this intuitive feeling with the result of the event. Even though they may see the connection on a physical level, they do not make the connection on a deep inner level. They fail to act on the guidance because at the time they don’t see its importance. Only after do they see the relationship between the feeling and the result. 

From my own experience—when I was alone—I always followed the guidance. The reason was because I had enough experience to trust my intuition. This would change when I was with other people—other guys. 

It is important to understand that this intuitive guidance is meant as a survival mechanism. Each animal in the wild is keenly aware of their instincts, this is for their survival. Although it has been many years since man has been as in-tune with their intuition as the animals in the wild, these feelings are still important today.

When you were alone, there was no one around to impress, or please through your behavior. Trusting your intuitive feelings were indeed beneficial to your survival. When you were with other people, you wanted their approval, so the possible idea of turning around, or not going with them was out of the question. You did not want to appear weak in their eyes, because of this you chose to ignore the guidance from within.

What about the woman that cut her finger? She felt the feeling, yet went ahead. I don’t think that she was trying to impress those around her.

Oftentimes the task at hand appears to be more important than your own well-being. Again, the feeling that she felt was guidance as a warning. She ignored this warning and injured herself. 

How do we prevent this? What if she was at work and had to complete the task assigned to her? 

Everything that you see and beyond radiates energy. If she was feeling the unpleasant intuitive feeling, she could have explored this energy. It may take only a few seconds to emotionally step back to ask a few questions regarding the task at hand. One question would be, does she have to perform the task immediately? Could it wait until she felt better—until the energy shifted to a more positive feeling? Any break in the flow of energy may be beneficial to the outcome. 

The idea of asking questions about your well-being may appear new in the present day, this we understand. Yet watch the animals in the wild, when they feel uncomfortable, they begin to look around searching for the source of their discomfort. It can be the same with humans, if they learned to trust this intuitive feeling as guidance.

I remember being on a motorcycle ride, then having the uncomfortable gut feeling. I turned off of the road, then stopped the bike. I walked around looking at my motorcycle to see if everything was okay, had a drink of water, then the feeling went away. I continued on without any more intuitive feelings. Is that what you mean when you speak about a break in the energy?

In this case, you trusted the gut feeling and took action to find the source of your discomfort. You created a break in the energy. You may never have known the source of your intuitive feeling, yet your intuition knew something and was looking out for your safety. 

Learning to trust our intuitive feelings may be a challenge to accept. What can you say to their concerns?

The result of the event will give you insights into whether you followed the intuitive feelings or not. In the example of the woman that cut her finger, she can look over the situation and recognize the connection between the gut feeling and her injury. The lesson will be found in the result. Imagine if you had continued on your motorcycle after experiencing the intuitive feeling. Who knows what would have happened, yet you chose the correct course action and broke the chain of energy. Behaving this way will take strength and courage especially when you are with other people. 

Remember, intuitive feelings are meant for your own health and well-being, but you must learn  to trust and follow this guidance. 


I often think of the times when I ignored the guidance only to see it turn out poorly for me. Has this ever happened to you? Will we continue to behave this way knowing that this guidance is meant for well-being? 

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Peace and Well-Being

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