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 Welcome to the New Year, this is my first blog post of 2020. Often when I don’t have a question or subject in mind, I focus on my Inner Voice and write what I hear. This conversation is one of those times when my Inner Voice speaks.
Each person has the ability to feel their own self-love. Yet often they ignore this inner love while they seek love and acceptance in the eyes of those around them. What they do not understand is that the love of others will never equal the love that will be found within themselves. 

All too often people will sacrifice their inner love with the intention of pleasing others. This behavior will not make them feel any true love within themselves. They assume that the feeling of sacrifice is the feeling of love. The question becomes is sacrifice rooted in love? 

When a person lives a life of true self-love there is no need to sacrifice. Every thought, word or action is created out of love. There then becomes no sacrifice, as all behavior is of love. Imagine knowing one’s self-love then sharing this love freely with the world. There is no expectation of the feeling of love being returned for an act of kindness. The act of sharing this powerful love is  the reward in itself.

Oftentimes people expect a return feeling of love for an act of kindness. If the act is not rewarded this person’s emotions are shattered. When true self-love is the root of this person, then the behavior of others does not shake their foundation of love. 

What about the common myth of self-sacrifice for others? If a life is lived through the love within oneself, there is no need for self-sacrifice. Imagine walking through the world knowing and living through this powerful love. All of your thoughts, words and deeds are done through love. Becoming involved in a relationship, is rooted in love, and not the fear of being alone. Also, the illusion of a life partner completing you is dispelled as you are complete through the love that you have for yourself. 

Every thought, word or action becomes one of love, this way there are no sacrifices made. Each choice has a foundation of love, no matter how small, or grand they appear. This would be a new state of being for many people, yet this is how life is truly meant to be lived.

To reach this place of self-love a person must sift through the negativity that has rooted within their consciousness. This means to sift through the beliefs that have no basis in love, then releasing them from your consciousness. Also, the constant negative self-talk that gets repeated in one’s mind must be challenged. It must also be understood that there is no truth in negative self-talk, nor is there any truth in the opinions of those around you. 

Many times, people seek the opinions of others as a measure of their self-worth. Yet this is not a true measure. One reason for this is because, opinions are based on the life experience of the person speaking the opinion. There is little truth that has relevance to your life in an opinion, even though you often use these opinions as guidance. 

The intention is to sift through the layers of doubt, negativity and the need for approval of others to discover the love that is within you. Then to live life through this love. Though this requires strength and courage, because many people are not living a self-loving life. The social norms of self-sacrifice, or self-aggrandizing, can be powerful obstacles to overcome when seeking 
self-love. These acts of behavior will distance you from the ability to uncover the true peace and love that is within you.

We use the word peace, because this is what you will find when self-love becomes your way of life. This inner peace will come from the constant stream of love that has been unearthed by your honest journey for a better, healthier way to live. There becomes no need to sacrifice, or to doubt yourself now that love has become the foundation of your life.

Remember, self-love is an eternal flow of love. This love will never fade, or lose interest as time goes by. When you accept this love, you accept the unconditional nature of this love, there is no wrong, only love. This is the true nature of who you are, not your false beliefs, not your need to self-sacrifice, or the need to believe in the opinions of other people. The root of self-love is founded in self and love—a love for yourself. 

Self-love is such a powerful topic. We experience many distractions in life that separate us from experiencing this never-ending love. Although we can change this behavior to live more self-loving lives.

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Wishing you peace and well-being in the year to come. 

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