Questioning Our Beliefs

In my daily writing with my Inner Voice, we have discussed challenging our beliefs to see if they are rooted in love or not. I thought that this conversation would be beneficial for those that are seeking inner peace. I didn’t have any questions although there are plenty of answers.


When a person seeks a truly better life, they must be willing to examine their beliefs. The reason for this is because beliefs create one’s life. Beliefs create thoughts, words and actions. If the belief is kind and loving then the world will be seen as kind and loving, simple enough. Yet when the beliefs are negative, life will be created this way as well. 

Few people realize that they can challenge a belief that no longer serves their best interest. When the belief is challenged, life will become more balanced. Imagine a mind full of negative beliefs, this will create a world fueled by negativity. Now, think of a life created out of love, this will create a much happier experience for all involved.

What is the best way to challenge a belief? Ask yourself if the belief has a foundation rooted in love? If not, the belief is holding you back from experiencing a truly better life. Is a thought based in love? Are the words that you are about to speak coming from a place of love, or not. If not, are these words worth speaking at all? How often have you reacted out of anger or frustration only to see it turn out poorly?

Is it possible to always behave through love? If the beliefs that are negative are released from your consciousness, then love will be all that will be left. Then love will be the energy that you live your life by now.

Remember, each thought, word or action carries the energy of the intention behind the action. This energy will be felt by all those affected by the action. Is your intention one of love, or are you living through the beliefs that are rooted in negativity? 

The intention of life is to reach a place of inner peace. Is this possible with a mind full of beliefs that radiate negative energy? Inner peace is an emotional place where the beliefs that you hold within you are created out of love. This will allow you to move through your day without being impacted by the energy that others radiate. 

You know that your place of inner peace has been created out of the examination of any belief that truly is not founded in love, kindness and compassion. These powerful, positive emotions will now serve as a compass for your new direction. Imagine if the destination was love. How would this change your beliefs, or your current mindset? 

Life may still be challenging, yet you will be aware of the love that is within you. Your reactions will be based on love and not anger or frustration as was possibly the case in your past. How would your life shift? 

The challenge becomes your responsibility—can you honestly question your beliefs to see if they  are rooted in love? Remember, the intention is to live a more loving life, discovering your true inner peace during the process. 

To question a long held belief can be challenge, yet it may be worth it if the belief does not lead us to a place of love and inner peace. 

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Peace and Well-Being.

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