Trust Your Intuition

The other day, someone asked what were the firsts steps to self-love. I responded to them by saying, “Learn to trust your intuition.” For this reason I thought that this would be a good conversation to have with my Inner Voice. My questions will be in italics for clarity.
Each person has inner guidance, yet how often do they rely on their intuition when in challenging situations? If they were to accept that intuition is meant to guide them to what is truly right for them, would they tap into this guidance? Few people know the true wisdom of their intuition, but for those that do, they recognize this loving guidance as they would a close friend looking out for their best interest. 

The root of intuition is for survival. This can easily be seen with animals in the wild, when they use their intuition or instincts as a way to stay alive. It is no different with humans, intuition is a method to safeguard one’s health. Every action a person takes has a response from their intuition. This means that whatever decision you choose to make, your intuition has an opinion. For the best possible outcome it is best to follow this loving guidance.

I can understand using our intuition years ago when we were closer to the wilderness, but intuition today, what’s the point?

In the busy times today many people are disconnected from their intuition. This causes them to find themselves in uncomfortable places, whether at work or in their personal lives. We have spoken of intuition as a survival mechanism for your own well-being. If people were to become aware of the power of their intuition, they would know an uncomfortable situation before they became involved in it.

Imagine your intuition as loving guidance spoken by a close and trusted friend. With each choice, you seek the guidance of this friend. The main difference between a close friend and your intuition, is that your intuition will only speak of what is true and right for you. There will never be a bias towards what may not be the correct choices. 

Would you consider gut feelings, and instincts part of our intuition? 

Yes, absolutely! Gut feelings, instincts and intuition are all part of your inner guidance. They carry important information for the best outcome possible. A gut feeling is a sign for you to reevaluate your current circumstances. These feelings may be clear to you but, you must learn to understand their language. 

If you had a funny gut feeling and you proceeded, what was the outcome? How did things turn out? Only by noticing the gut feeling, then comparing it to the outcome of the situation will you recognize if you followed the guidance or not.

I have had many gut feelings that didn’t turn out that well. Why do we ignore our intuition?

There are many reasons that people ignore the important information. One of the most powerful reasons is the constant negative self-talk that gets repeated in one’s mind. This negative voice will attempt to convince you that your intuition is not real, and that you should go forward anyway. You will learn after the fact if you should trust your intuition or the negative self-talk.

Another reason that people ignore their intuition it the stimulation that fills a person’s day. Is it intuition or is it the stress of traffic? Is it the double expresso, or a gut feeling? This is the importance of learning to trust the language of your intuition.

For me it was peer pressure that kept me from following my gut feeling.

This is also an important factor. You did not want to disappoint those that you were with, so you dismissed this important guidance and things didn’t go well for you.

How can we use our intuition to benefit us in our busy lives today?

The best way to connect with your intuition is to become aware of subtle differences in energy surrounding the choices that you are about to make. Each choice will have energy within the choice, stop for a moment and search for this energy. This energy will be your clue if your choices, and the situations are right for you. In time, your awareness of this energy will increase, then the energy will become stronger, making it easier for you to make the truly correct choices.

You could also ask yourself a simple question. For example, “Should I go left or right,” then feel for the energy. Which choice feels right, the correct answer will feel the best. Remember, you are looking for an honest answer that may determine your safety and well-being, or the outcome of a project at work.

Any final thoughts about intuition?

No other person in your life will give you the same accurate guidance that you will receive from your intuition. The challenge may be learning to trust the guidance, then to follow through, possibly changing course if needed. By trial and learning will you develop the trust needed to live life through your intuition. This will be the best form of guidance you will ever receive.

I have spent much too much time in the emergency room after ignoring my intuition. Although I did learn to trust this important source of guidance. 

What about you? Has following your intuition been a challenge, or do you trust it without doubt or hesitation. Feel free to leave me a comment below, or email me at,

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Peace and Well-Being.

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