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In my post titled, “Handing Control to Others,” we discussed how we often give control to others or to a situation. This means that when we become angry or upset, the situation, or person has control over us. I wanted to explore this subject further with my Inner Voice, so in this post we will expand the conversation. My questions will be in italics for clarity.


Would you explain what happens when we become upset or angry with others or a situation? 

When everything is going well in your life, you are balanced and centered, this is a place of emotionally stability. Yet when you become upset or angry, you willingly give up this stability. Basically you hand this stability over to the negative situation, thus losing all sense of center and balance. 

Why is our place of center and balance so important? 

To maintain your place of center and balance is a main priority in your life. The reason for this is because here is where you are the strongest emotionally. Also, this is where your inner guidance will be heard with the most clarity. No guidance can be heard while yelling in anger or focusing on negative thoughts. When you are centered and balanced, you will be aware of the wisdom that will help you work through the situation before you. 

Yes, but at times other people make us upset. What then?

In truth, you allow other people to upset you. It is important to understand that you have a choice before each and every action that you take. Ask yourself, “Do you want to become involved in the negativity before you?” 

Remember when you become upset, you silence the guidance that will truly benefit you. Few people accept this as a choice, yet it is. One reason for this is because throughout your life you have been reacting to situations without much thought of the consequences. You falsely believe that reacting in anger is the correct course of action. Has anger ever resolved any situation for the better in your life? 

Would you speak more of the guidance that we miss when we are angry or off of center.

Guidance flows to you all of the time, through your intuition, instincts or gut feelings. When you are angry or off of center, you block these powerful sources of guidance. The term blind with rage has true meaning, as one would be blind to any guidance that would benefit them because of their rage. 

This guidance has your best interest as its main focus. At one time intuition was intended for survival, its focus was to maintain your health and well-being. Through time people have begun to ignore this powerful source of guidance. Yet this guidance is just as important today as it was many years ago. When you are happy and joyous, you are in the best frame of mind to receive this guidance.

You mentioned how we allow other people to upset us, would you explain this further?

Most people are more concerned with the type of coffee they drink than they are the thoughts they think. If a person learns to focus on maintaining the most positive thoughts possible—given the situation—they will be in a state of being that allows them to make the best choices possible. This means that they will react to every situation with a clear head, without the need to become angry or throw themselves into negativity. 

What would be some final thoughts on this subject?

Know that you have the ability to stay centered no matter what is happening around you. Also, that you always have a choice—stay centered or allow the situation to control your emotional stability. The outcome of every experience in your life will depend on how you react to the experience. When you are centered, balanced and focused, you are in control of your life, this is a place of inner strength and courage. 

I know that for me it can be a challenge to stay centered when things turn negative, yet this frame of mind is a place of inner strength when we do maintain our center. 

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