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I often write about maintaining a place of center and balance. What does it truly mean to be in balance or in a place of center? Sure, I can balance one legged while doing my yoga practice, that’s easy. Yet, how can I maintain an emotional place of balance when the world around me appears to be struggling? Why are these words—balance and center—used so frequently in my conversations with my Inner Voice?

With these questions in mind I’ll seek the guidance from my Inner Voice. My questions will be in italics for clarity.

We speak of center and balance many times in our conversations. Why are these two words so important to a spiritual journey?

Imagine that you are sitting on a rope above a river. As you maintain your positive focus—your place of center—sitting on the rope is easy. You observe the turbulent water below, yet you are not involved with the current. There you are, balanced above the noise and chaos. From here you can look around to see birds flying by, possibly an animal drinking from the river bank, all is well in your world. This is the feeling of staying centered and balanced.

Now you notice something in the river that catches your attention. You focus on what you see, your mind wanders, in doing so you lose your balance. Maybe you fall into the river. Perhaps you hang on to the rope with one hand, spinning hopelessly above the churning water below. Fear overtakes your place of center. What do you do now?

In this example, the river is life. Have you become involved in the turbulence by not maintaining your focus—your center? It is easy to slip off of the rope—your place of balance—when life becomes challenging. Once in the river of life, it can sweep you away from the emotional stability that was once your place of center and balance.

There are many events in life that will draw you away from the comfort of your emotional stability, many of these events, do not need your attention. These events we would consider distractions. It is important to recognize what in your life truly needs your attention and what does not.

Imagine that you are back sitting on the rope above the river. You notice something in the river, you choose to recognize it, observe it, yet you do not become emotionally involved with it. Now you have avoided falling off of the rope, you have chosen to maintain your place of center and balance. From this powerful location above the river, you can clearly see that it is in your best interest to stay balanced and away from the turbulence below.

I understand all of that, but there many things going on in the world that can be quite challenging. Staying centered is tough in these situations. What do we do then?

There is much going on the world that you can do little about. Falling off of center because of these events is an unnecessary choice. One thing to realize is that when you are centered and balanced you are the most receptive to guidance from your inner voice. When you are in the turbulence of life it can be difficult to hear this guidance—the noise from distractions will be too loud.

It is also important to accept that the act of staying centered and balanced is a powerful act of self-love. Think of self-love as a wide board above the river that allows you to sit comfortably while maintaining your balance and center. No matter what happens in your life, you understand the need to preserve your place of self-love. What would it be like to repeat to yourself, “I love myself enough not to become involved in the struggles of life.”

Some aspects of life can be challenging, no matter what I say to myself. How do I handle these situations?

The most effective way to handle these situations is to maintain your place of center. Here you will be receptive to the guidance that will truly benefit you in many ways. When you are focused on staying centered, you will be able to see the resolution to your predicament clearly.

Any final thoughts on staying balanced and centered?

It takes strength and courage to maintain a place of center and balance while those around you are struggling against the current of life. Don’t forget, being in center and balance is a powerful place of self-love. There is no need to throw yourself into the river just because those around you are struggling.

I often wonder why I allow myself to become involved in the negativity that I see around me. I am learning that this is a choice, although it takes strength and courage to recognize that this pattern of behavior is indeed a choice.

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Have a great week! Remember, try to stay centered and away from the turbulence.

Peace and Well-Being

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  1. Hello Paul,
    wow, this topic is so important currently. The world is so turbulent these days. It's not easy to stay centered and balanced when people around you are scared and hysterical. But I try to meditate more or at least take a few minutes in which I just focus on my breath. And yes, self-love is helping, too.
    Thank you for sharing the wisdom of your Inner Voice.

    Peace & Love,
    Mika from Germany


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