As I look around, it appears that the human population is under a tremendous amount of stress. The question that I ask myself is how can I shift my energy away from this stress towards energy that is more positive? One word comes to mind—Gratitude.

Take a moment, and think of some reasons that you are grateful. When we examine this list our energy will shift away from the uncertainty, to the positive energy of love, and of course gratitude. Yet, is it that easy? Is it possible to elevate our energy to a more positive place by simply being grateful?

With these questions, and a few more, I will seek the guidance from my Inner Voice. My questions
will be in italics for clarity.

How does gratitude shift our energy?

Gratitude is a powerful source of positive energy, this positive energy will spread out to the world around you. Few people understand that the energy of their thoughts, words, and actions, emanate from them impacting everyone they come in contact with. To be grateful is to acknowledge the positive aspects of your life, and the help that you receive from those around you.

The energy of gratitude does not seem strong enough to shift the energy of uncertainty that many people are facing today.

Imagine the energy of uncertainty as a seed, you know that it is there, yet you can add water and light to it by your continued focus on it. Even though the energy of uncertainty is negative, you give it strength by your focus. Now imagine gratitude as a seed, growing next to uncertainty, which would you rather have blooming in your life? This question is a matter of choice, you can choose to water the negative energy of uncertainty, or you can choose to water the positive energy of gratitude.

How will being grateful help us?

The positive energy of gratitude will raise the energy of your consciousness. Then from this higher level of consciousness, you will be more receptive to guidance spoken through your inner voice. Positive energy is also a magnet for more positive energy. When you are grateful, you will discover more reasons to be grateful. This mindset will shift your focus away from the unwanted energy of uncertainty to the positive energy of gratitude.

The world can be challenging at times. It may be difficult to focus on being grateful.

As you focus on the reasons to be grateful, you will gain the strength and stamina needed to maintain your place center and balance. You can observe the situations around you, yet you do not have to absorb their energy into your consciousness. When you are in a positive state of mind because of gratitude, you will be able to make clear minded decisions regarding the right course of action. Often if you have the mindset of uncertainty, your focus will not stable enough to make the best choices.

Gratitude is that powerful?

The focus behind your gratitude will determine the positive energy that you will experience in your life. Gratitude is the act of taking the focus off of yourself and directing it on other people or things in your life.  Then this powerful energy will emanate from you impacting those around you in a positive way.

What is the best way to shift our energy to a mindset of gratitude?

Create a physical list that begins with the people, or things that are important to you. Then expand the list from there. Each person or thing that you add to your list will add strength and positive energy to your life. Even if you are in a challenging situation at this moment, search for something to be grateful for. This will elevate your consciousness to a more positive state of mind. In this elevated state of mind you will have the clarity to make the best choices necessary for your well-being.

It doesn’t take much thought to come up with a list of things, or people, that I am grateful for.

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Thanks for reading this post. Have a great week. 

Peace and Good Health.

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