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I often write about maintaining a positive focus when life becomes a challenge. How do we shift our focus away from an emotionally challenging situation to a mindset that is more beneficial for us? I’ll seek the guidance from my Inner Voice on this subject. My questions will be in italics for clarity.

How do we return to a positive mindset if we realize that we are struggling with a situation?

Your focus is energy. The more focus you place on a situation—good or not—the stronger the energy surrounding the situation. With time the energy becomes quite strong, thus you may have a difficult time refocusing on something better. This is why you find it challenging to return to your center. The energy of the situation has a hold on you emotionally.

One way to return to a positive mindset would be to find things to appreciate. Look out the window. What do you see? Notice the beauty in the sky, or a flower along the sidewalk. The intention is to move your focus away from the situation to something that breaks the thought process of the situation.

That sounds too easy.

This will depend on the energy you have placed on the event. The more focus you place on any situation the stronger its energy will become. It will then take additional emotional strength to refocus to a healthier situation.

Any challenging situation will have energy within it. When you first notice or feel this energy, this is the time to shift your focus. Search for something that is more favorable to help you elevate  your current well-being. You are emotionally stronger than any situation that appears in your life. You may doubt this because many times you have handed your strength and courage over to the situation that you are dealing with.

The events of our times are powerful events. Are you saying that I am stronger than these events?

That is what we are saying. The reason that these events are so powerful is because you, and many others, give them power by your continued focus on them. These events will not go away when you shift your focus, this is true. The intention is to adjust your focus so these situations do not control you emotionally.

When you are no longer controlled by the emotional aspects of the situation, you will be able to make decisions from a place of center. You now have control over how you are emotionally influenced by the situation.

All this because I have shifted my focus away from the situation?

All this because you have chosento shift your focus away from the situation. No worthwhile change will ever take place if you choose to allow the situation to control you. Remember, you control where you place your focus. No matter what is happening around you, you have a choice. You can focus on the negativity of the situation, thus allowing it to control you emotionally. Or, you can shift your focus, to thoughts that are beneficial and more positive. In doing so, you  will regain your emotional stability—your place of center.

I know that it’s easy to get emotionally involved in what is happening around me. Although, I’m learning that it’s best to shift my focus so I can stay centered.

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Each week I send out a conversation with my Inner Voice. This week we discuss reaching higher levels of consciousness by raising our emotions to those that are more positive and loving. Here is an excerpt:
Would you explain how love will help us reach higher levels of consciousness?

Each emotion carries energy within it. This energy is either positive or negative. Think of your emotions on a top to bottom scale, love being at the top of the scale, while hate is at the bottom of this scale. With every level of emotion the energy will have a corresponding level of consciousness. If you are angry, you limit your level of consciousness, yet when you are in the upper reaches of this scale, your consciousness expands.

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I hope that life is going well for you this week. Thank you for reading this post, I appreciate your support.

Peace and Good Health.


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  1. Hello Paul,

    thank you for sharing the wise words of your Inner Voice again. It's true, it always depends on what we focus on. In this tough times we experience currently, I try to focus on nice things and the benefits of staying at home.
    Peace & Love,


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