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In a recent blog, post my Inner Voice and I discussed withholding love as punishment. This post I would like to turn the table on that and talk about teaching from a place of love. Imagine instead of getting angry at those in our lives, what would life be like if we chose to listen to others, then took the time to explain our views? Is it possible to teach a lesson from love, rather than anger? How would this change our life and our relationships?

With these and many more questions in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice will be beneficial. My questions will be in italics for clarity.

Why do we choose to become angry, instead of calmly sharing our intentions?

There are many reasons why people become angry. One would be, that people allow the situation to control them emotionally. Another would be that when people feel that they are not being heard they become angry, believing that by raising their voice they will be understood.

For a person to speak calmly in a tense situation requires self-control. Often this self-control originates from a place of center—a place of self-love. To maintain this level of control, a person must know that no lasting progress will take place when they become involved in the negative energy of anger.

It seems that maintaining a place of center instead of becoming angry can be a big challenge at times. What then?

There is a moment in time before any action is taken where a person can choose their behavior. Do they engage in anger, or is it best to stay centered and maintain self-control? This does not mean that the situation is not upsetting. This means that no matter how emotional the situation may be, maintaining self-control will benefit everyone involved.

The challenge becomes acknowledging the moment of choice, because often people believe that they must jump right into the situation. They do so without much thought, which may cause more harm than good.

What about teaching from a place of love?

To teach from a place of love only comes from a person that has mastered their anger. This person will have the inner strength to see a negative situation as an opportunity. They will be able to teach the important lessons that will be found within the situation. Remember, nothing lasting will be learned when the energy surrounding the situation is negative.

Why is it so hard to listen to others when we are angry?

In truth, the anger blocks your ability to hear. This may sound simple, yet do you really hear what a person is saying when you are angry or experiencing any negative emotion?

When we speak of negative energy, remember we are talking about negativity as being on the lower end of human consciousness. Yet, love is on the upper end of consciousness. To maintain self-control in negative situations is to stay in the higher levels of consciousness.

This why it is difficult to listen and hear what others are saying when you are angry. Your level of consciousness prevents you from being open to any new thoughts.

Let’s return to teaching from a place of love.

To teach or live from a place of love is the most powerful way to live. This allows you to stay in the consciousness of love. In this level of consciousness you are more receptive to what others are saying. You will also be more aware of the guidance that will be found in upper levels of consciousness.

Would you explain the last sentence, please.

As you move through levels of consciousness, you will discover deeper levels of wisdom. When you are angry or upset, you cannot think of a solution to your situation. Yet when you are in a positive frame of mind, the solution appears quickly. It is so important to maintain your self-control when events turn negative, because you are more likely to see solutions that those that are angry cannot.

Is there a final take away from this conversation?

Any negative emotion will hinder your ability to think, speak and listen clearly. This is why there is little forward progress in an argument. Although this can change by maintaining a level of loving. self-control. From this place of power, you will have the strength to teach from a place of love.

Is it possible to recognize the times in life when you too negative to hear anything anyone said? With time and awareness, this can all change.

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Peace and Well-Being.

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