We see many definitions of courage these days. Frontline healthcare workers, those that work in grocery stores, even those that deliver packages, are courageous, doing their best. Yet what about parents, trying to maintain their child’s education. Is this not courageous? Or, people working to maintain a routine within their community. Are they courageous? What about you? Are you courageous as you go through your day? Is it possible to be courageous during this time of uncertainty?

With these questions in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice about courage seems appropriate. My questions will be in italics for clarity.

Is courage an important factor our lives?

Most people think of courage as something that is reserved for others. Courage is not only limited to those that go into battle. People rarely look at themselves in the mirror and see themselves as courageous. Yet it takes courage to maintain a positive frame of mind when the world around them is telling them something different. It takes courage to wake up in the morning and continue the unfinished work of yesterday. Courage is important because it is the fuel that moves people forward in times of discomfort.

Why do people believe they are not courageous?

There is little discussed about the courage needed to go through a day. Courage is often associated with those that are in high risk occupations. Yet how often is it discussed that courage is needed to support a family on one income? People act in courageous ways each and every day without even knowing they are being courageous.

What is the best way to recognize our courage?

When you wake up in the morning, you are courageous. When you walk out the door to go to work, you are being courageous. Everything you do that moves you forward in a positive direction is an act of courage.

What happens when we move in a negative direction?

When you move in a negative direction, fear has overtaken your ability to be courageous. Fear is a powerful negative emotion. Fear can begin small and grow quickly to a state of mind that hinders your ability to think and act with clarity. Fear grows in strength when you are in a vulnerable state of mind. Most of the time you don’t expect fear to overtake you emotionally.

When you recognize that your fear is gaining strength, learn to focus on any positive aspect of your life. This will increase the strength of your courage, thus moving you emotionally in a positive direction.

Are there any other aspects of courage we should consider?

The root of courage is love. When you are courageous, you behave this way out of love, love for yourself and love for those around you. When you connect with the love within you, your courage to handle any situation that comes along will be powered by love.

“Powered by love.” Even in challenging times?

In challenging times you may notice your courage before you notice this love. Yet you will recognize the power of this love. Love is the foundation of your courage and all of the positive emotions you experience. Trust the presence of this love when you need to be courageous.

How can we be more courageous?

Accept that given what you know at this time, you are doing the best you can. Then accept yourself with love, kindness, and compassion. This will add positive strength to your self-worth, and the courage that carries you through life.

When we look at ourselves in the mirror can we accept ourselves as courageous? If courage is rooted in love, then being courageous is an act of self-love. “ I love myself enough to be courageous in times of challenge.” I can repeat that mantra to myself to help me move in a positive direction.

Let me know what you think, I’m always open to expanding the conversation. Leave a comment or question below. 

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Thank you for reading this post, I appreciate your support. The world landscape may be changing before our eyes, yet if we maintain a positive frame of mind, we will have the courage to meet these challenges head on.

Peace and Well-Being.

Copyright Paul Hudon 2020


  1. Hello Paul,

    wow, very insightful. It makes me feel ... courageous. :) Even though I suffer from an anxiety disorder and I'm probably the worst fraidy cat in the world. :P But I agree that the root of courage is love. Thank you for sharing this.

    Kind regards,

  2. Hi Paul, Powered by love! I will apply that as an affirmation because I can feel its power, "I am powered by love." (and coffee lol). Also: just wanted to bring a typo to your attention with the web address: should be :)


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