Trust Clears the Way

We are all in this together, yet we are experiencing life in our own separate ways. Although we may be sharing similar emotions. This is an interesting time, because no one in our lives today has ever experienced anything like what we are going through. Years ago I could talk with my grandmother about what she and my grandfather lived through in the Great Depression. Who do we lean on today? Who is there to tell us that it will all work out for the best? Unsure, and unsettled, we wake up each day wondering what we will face.
With these thoughts in mind, a conversation with my Inner Voice may give the comfort I seek. My questions will be in italics for clarity.
Many people are struggling with uncertainty these days. What are some of the ways we can maintain a place of center in our lives?
Many positive aspects of life have been overshadowed by the events of the day. If people focus on negativity, they will limit their view of the world. Yet if they were to appreciate what they do have, they may begin to shift their focus toward a life that is more positive. You can control your focus, even though you may not be able to control the world.
Why is finding something to appreciate so challenging when life becomes difficult?
Focusing on negativity may be easier than shifting focus. Look around, what do you see? Are you healthy? Do you have a warm shelter, with food to eat? In times of uncertainty people fail to recognize the abundance in their lives. Few people appreciate themselves as well. If people are making the best choices possible for their current situation, then they have much to appreciate about themselves.
It’s as if the guidebook for life just got tossed out the window. How can we find the clear path ahead?
Was it a guidebook, or autopilot? The path ahead is never clear, it is always obscured with uncertainty. The difference is now the uncertainty has a name, and the world is focused on that. In the past you trusted yourself with making the right choices for you and your family. In this new paradigm you have lost your ability to trust yourself. You are choosing to seek guidance from the outside world. This guidance will never be as true and right for you as the guidance you will find within yourself. The guidebook for the journey ahead will be found within you.
We have to learn to trust ourselves in an ever changing world?
The moment you accept that you are doing the best you can given your current wisdom, you can release your need to second-guess yourself. This is how trust is built and strengthened in times of challenge. Learning to trust yourself in any situation clears the path ahead of you. Imagine self-doubt as a fog that prevents you from seeing the way clearly. The more you doubt or second-guess yourself, the thicker the fog. Now think of trust as a breeze that clears away the fog. When you begin to accept yourself for doing your best, the breeze of trust clears the way. This is the power of trusting yourself.
Life appears to be changing quickly, from day to day. What then?
All there is, is the present moment, the here and now. Learn to trust yourself while making the healthiest decisions for the present moment. This will ease any stress or uncertainty you may have about tomorrow. Trust yourself to make the best choices you can, then walk forward with your head held high in self-confidence.
Final thoughts?
As you learn to trust yourself, you will not need the guidance of others to make it through the day. You will know which decisions are right for you by how the answers make you feel. The correct answers will feel like a loved one has placed their hand on your shoulders and you are walking a clear path together.
All we can do today is trust ourselves while we make the best decisions possible, based on what we know right now. Then trust it will all fall into place.
Let me know what you think. Leave a comment, or a question below. I’m always open to exploring a topic further.
This week my conversation with my Inner Voice is about making decisions based on constantly changing information. Here is an excerpt from, The Moving Basket.
How can we best handle the quickly changing environment of our world today?
Trust that based on the information you have at the time, you are making the best choices possible. There is much you can do nothing about in the outside world. Yet you can choose to maintain an emotional place of center as the world changes around you. Also, accept that given your current circumstances you are doing the best you can. If the basket is always moving, then know that at some point you will gain the skills necessary to anticipate its next move.”
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Thanks for reading this post. It is my intention to share the wisdom that has changed my life for the better. I hope you found some useful guidance on the benefits of trusting yourself.
Wishing you and those you love peace and good health.

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  1. "Imagine self-doubt as a fog that prevents you from seeing the way clearly. The more you doubt or second-guess yourself, the thicker the fog. Now think of trust as a breeze that clears away the fog."

    These lines are brilliant. It occurred to me while reading that self-doubt and mistrust are really the same as ego, just working in the opposite direction but it's still that little part of self that is struggling to maintain control. What happens if we just let go? That's what I will ask my ego the next time it presents itself with mistrust.


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