As we move further into spring, we are seeing more birds in the sky, bees in the flowering plants, and the dawning of trees blooming. Beautiful signs of optimism. Yet what is our state of mind? Are we optimist about the future? What is our attitude about what might be?

There is little we can do about the unforeseen events to come, although that has always been the case. One thing we can do is get our attitude in a place of center that will benefit us no matter what comes our way.

Attitude is a funny thing, we rarely think about it yet it impacts our life with every thought, word and action. Our attitude also effects those we encounter through our daily lives. We may judge others on their attitude, yet do we look within ourselves to examine our attitude?

With the subject of attitude in mind, I’ll seek the guidance from my Inner Voice. My questions will be in italics for clarity.
Are attitudes more than how we are feeling at a particular time?

Your attitude is energy. This energy is what other people will feel when they are engaged with you. Many times you don’t have to speak a word for others to feel the energy of your attitude. Your attitude runs deeper within you than a brief emotional response. You may have a positive attitude, yet you may still become upset by an outside source. The stability of your attitude will determine the outcome of any situation.

Would you explain the difference between our attitude and a brief emotional response?

Your attitude will be the basis of the emotions you are feeling at any given time. An emotional response will be a reaction to any situation, positive or negative. Think of your attitude as the ground you are standing on. If your attitude is positive, the ground will feel flat and stable. If your attitude is negative, the ground will feel rocky, uneven, and uncertain. When you add an emotional response to either attitude the outcome will depend upon the energy of your attitude.

Doesn’t our attitude change with the situation?

If your attitude changes with each situation then the situation controls you. A positive attitude allows you the strength to stay focused in a positive frame of mind. This will give you the emotionally stability to handle any negative situations when they arise. If your attitude is not positive or centered, you can become emotionally hurt by any negative word or action, that upsets you. 

Your attitude sets the tone for your day, and many times the life you experience. When your attitude fluctuates with each new situation, you will experience many swings in your emotions.

Would it benefit us to examine our attitude?

The best way to tell if you are maintaining a positive attitude is to look at how your day unfolds. Is it full of struggles, and missteps? Or does your day flow smoothly? Having a positive attitude will allow this positive energy to guide you in the right direction. There will become little need to push or force your way through life.

What can we do to maintain a positive attitude?

Learn to appreciate who you are, and learn to appreciate what you have. Few people have a positive attitude about themselves. It is here that your emotions and attitudes originate. If you have a positive attitude about yourself, then you will experience more positive emotions, and a positive attitude toward life.

What would be a few points to think about after this conversation?

The energy of your attitude will tell the world who you are, before you even speak a word. When you pay attention to the events in your life, and the reactions of others, you will be able to tell if your attitude is positive and loving, or not. Many times people allow their attitude to be dictated by the world around them, this will do more harm than good if the intention is to live a positive, loving life. Only you can manage your attitude, after all, it is your attitude.
How often do we stop and examine our attitude? Would it benefit us to do so from time to time?
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So, people behave irresponsibly, then they seek others to blame if things go poorly?

It is much easier to place blame on someone or something, than it is to look in the mirror and claim responsibility. Self-responsibility is not limited to the physical world. Each person has the responsibility to maintain their mental, and emotional state of mind. This cannot be accomplished by anyone but you. People will think, speak and act in negative ways, unknown to them is that this negativity will impact their life in harmful ways. Unknown to them is that maintaining a positive outlook on their life is their responsibility.

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