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I have been thinking about the mantra, “be of love,” recently. As I look out at the world, I see many reasons to judge. I know judgement is a powerful negative emotion that doesn’t serve my highest good. I am working on replacing my judgement with the mantra, “be of love.” Each time I think of judgement or a negative thought, I repeat to myself, “be of love.”

What would happen if all people began using this mantra instead of speaking words of judgement or negativity? Would our world begin to feel, and look different? It may be easy to slip into judgement, and negativity can be a seductive adversary. Yet can we counter these negative energies by being of love?

With this subject in mind, I’ll seek the wisdom of my Inner Voice for guidance. My questions will be in italics for clarity.
What happens within us when we replace negativity with a mantra such as, “be of love?”

To use, “be of love” as a mantra, is to replace the energy of negativity with more positive energy. At first this mantra may not appear to have a big impact on your life, trust that this positive, loving energy will shape the world you experience.

Every thought, word, and action emanates energy, this energy will affect your life. If you speak the words of judgement, you broadcast the negative energy of judgement to the world. This energy will be reflected back to you by how you experience life.

What else does being of love do for us?

To repeat these words is to reshape the way you think, speak and act. Love is a high energy emotion, while judgement and negativity are low energy emotions. To reach higher realms of consciousness, love must be the root of your being. The energy of love will then emanate from you affecting everyone and everything you encounter. Love will be the way the world reacts to you. In this positive state of love you will be doing more for the world, than you may ever realize.

It’s hard to imagine that just me being of love will shift the world. Would you explain further?

Image that you are sitting at the edge of a pond, you can see all of the wildlife using the pond for their livelihood. When you toss a pebble into the pond all beings notice the ripples radiating out from a central point. These ripples are energy touching all those that inhabit the pond. The energy you emanate works the same way. Whatever your emotional state may be, it will radiate out from you being felt by those you encounter.

Positive, loving energy will feel like a warm embrace to those you are in contact with. In turn they will begin to emanate this positive energy to those in their lives. When you are in a place of negativity, this negative energy will be felt as well. Only in this case, people will turn away with the intention of protecting themselves from the negativity.

We always want proof that we are having a positive effect on the lives of others. How do we reconcile this?

The proof you seek will be found in the life you experience. Observe the reactions of your interactions with others. Are they kind and loving? Or, are they confrontational, and frustrating? Your energy—positive or negative—will impact your relationships. This will be the proof you seek. Although you must be honest with accepting responsibility for your role as the creator of the energy you emanate.

Would you explain my role as the creator of the energy we emanate?

To be of love, is to accept your responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions. You cannot seek to blame others for your behavior. When you are in a state of love, you recognize that you are the creator of your life, and that your life is created by the energy you radiate.

Any final thoughts on the mantra, “be of love?”

Love is the root of who you are, not anger, not frustration, not hate. Love floods into you when you accept honest responsibility for the life you are living. To be of love, is to accept this responsibility, then to begin to share this love without condition, or expectation of love being returned as a reward. To be of love, is powerful act of kindness and compassion.


How would life shift if the mantra, “be of Love”  was repeated before we chose to react in anger or judgement? Would situations flow smoother?

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My weekly conversation is titled, “What You Bring to the Table.” Here we discuss how the energy we radiate will impact the world around us. Here is an excerpt:

“Why is it necessary to be aware of what we bring to the table?
Often people will be unaware of the energy their emotions radiate. This energy will have an impact on how life unfolds. If the meeting, or gathering does not go well, they may blame others. It would be more beneficial to look within themselves to see what emotions they were feeling at the time. Every person has a responsibility to be their best self. This is an emotional state of being that emanates positive energy. It is this positive energy that will help life to flow smoothly.”

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Thanks for reading this post, I hope you found it beneficial.

Peace and good health

Copyright Paul L. Hudon 2020


  1. Paul, thank you so much for sharing this timely post. These words resonate with me and are much needed in our current climate. Love is who we are.


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