With all that is going on in the world, there seems to be a lot of judgement. How are we judging ourselves, and why are we judging others? We have never experienced anything like this before, so why do we judge ourselves as we try to navigate the landscape of life? How would we know what to do, or how we should handle the ever-changing situations? We have no background in this type of thing. We can make it easier on ourselves by not judging ourselves. How often do we judge ourselves against an unrealistic standard placed on us by society?

With the thought of judgement in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may help us release our need to judge ourselves. My questions will be in italics for clarity.
Why do we judge ourselves?

People will judge themselves because they feel they are inadequate in the eyes of those around them. Their belief is they should be doing better when comparing themselves to others. The problem with this is that no person has lived your life but you. Only you know the struggles you have had to overcome to get where you are today. To judge yourself compared to others is to disregard your life experiences. By comparing yourself to others, you ignore their life experiences as well. When you judge yourself against those around you, you are invalidating your self-worth.

Then how do we become better if we don’t judge ourselves?

Is it possible to see yourself in a favorable light by appreciating the positive aspects of who you are? You will experience more personal growth by appreciating what you have accomplished, rather than judge yourself for what you have not accomplished. Self-judgement can be a powerful negative emotion that will limit your  emotional growth.  Think of self-judgement as self-putdown. How does self-judgement make you feel?

We see many reasons to judge ourselves in magazines, on TV, and in movies. How do we process these messages for a better outcome?

When you believe these messages you have set aside the truth of who you are to accept a message that knows nothing about you. There is little truth in the act of judgement.  To accept who you are is to see yourself through the eyes of love. This will allow you to observe the messages of judgement that you see in advertisements without them having a negative impact on your life.

Shouldn’t we be doing better when it comes to managing our lives?

When you think that you should be doing better you are judging yourself harshly for not doing better. At this time in your life, you are doing the best you can. Each experience in life is an opportunity to learn, and grow from the experience. Then with this expanded knowledge, you will be doing the best you can. The cycle continues, if you are aware of the lessons within each situation. There is no need to judge yourself as not doing enough. This behavior will only demoralize your spirit making it harder for you to try new things to expand your awareness.

Why is it so easy to judge ourselves and those in our lives?

Judgement is an easy thought process, you judge others to make yourself feel better. This practice will only boost your self-image for a short amount of time. When the thrill of judgement wears off, you will judge again to maintain your sense of superiority.

You judge yourself, because you have been taught that this form of judgement will benefit you. Any form of judgement will hinder you as you journey to discover your true self. People will judge themselves because they feel they can always be doing better. They fail to accept themselves for who they are in the here and now. People have an expectation that they will be better in the future, and because of this, they do not respect themselves for who they are now.
Is it possible to go through life without judging others, let alone judging ourselves? It would ease a bit of stress if we accepted ourselves for who we are now.

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Each week I send out a conversation I have had with my Inner Voice. This week we discuss maintaining our emotional health. Here is an excerpt from “Maintaining Our Emotional Health:”

The transition from being positive to being swept away by negativity can happen quickly. How do we safeguard ourselves from this happening to us?

Become aware of the thoughts  you think, and the emotions you feel from these thoughts. This will give you the first indication that you are being drawn away from a positive frame of mind to one that may lead you into negative territory. When you begin to notice your thoughts turning negative, you can quickly shift your focus to something that is more positive, and more beneficial to your overall health.

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