Recently I have been quieting my mind, and writing what I hear from my Inner Voice. I am working on trying to quiet my mind in my everyday life as well, not only in my writing. This allows me to have an internal silence that keeps the busyness of my mind at bay. Here is what my Inner Voice said about silence.


Each day is an opportunity to expand one’s consciousness, whether it is through reading, writing, meditation, or listening to your loving voice within. Oftentimes people are too frantic even during a day off, their mind is too busy to silence the chatter. As time goes by, life becomes one busy day after another, without the peace of silence.

Silence may frighten some, as they are unsure what to do when in this place of quiet. Imagine silence as a place to tune into your awareness within. Not to find anything, just to hear your truth being spoken. This truth may not speak in words. It may speak in feelings. Yet these subtle feelings are often overshadowed by the busyness of the mind.

For those that find comfort in silence, they will discover the connection to a source of guidance that is unknown to those who shy away from this stillness. Most are unaware of the love and joy found in a quiet mind, which will lead to a healthy emotional body.

Think of a busy mind as being in a series of steep waves spaced closely together. There is no rest as you quickly move from trough to peak, then back to trough, repeating this cycle without much rest, or the cycle slowing down. Now imagine silence as the long, low, rolling swells of the ocean. These placid swells do not appear to have any noticeable crest or trough. In these gentle swells there is always the opportunity to see ahead clearly, without any confusion or turmoil. In complete silence one is carried safely by the energy of the ocean— the energy of life.

There is no need to fear as there is security in the silence—the stillness. It is here where the truth of a person can be heard. This is where the honesty of life will be experienced. Here is a place where life becomes a meditation, a place where the consciousness of a person expands without restriction. It is here that the mirror of life reflects the love life has for you. In the silence all is at peace.

People believe silence is the lack of noise, this may be true, yet it is also a state of mind—a state of being. In the silence of the heart one becomes aware of the love within them. Why? Because the busyness of the day has been silenced by the power of love.

Choosing silence over the noise of the day will allow you to look within without fear or hesitation. Look within to recognize the truth of who you are. This truth is love. Silence is needed to see this truth because there can be many voices floating within your consciousness that are negative, and abusive. To silence these insulting voices takes courage and self-love.

Silence is not only a quiet place, it is a reconnection with the love and light of all of creation. In this reconnection will be found a place of comfort. Many people fear seeking the silence within. They are unsure what they will find, they believe that silence is a deep, dark place. What if the opposite is true? How would life change if it were accepted that the frantic mind is a place of fear, and self-judgement, and that silence is a sanctuary of love, self-honesty, and truth?

For many, they seek a world that is free from noise and confusion, yet they fear the journey within to discover the stillness of their inner silence. The journey is sabotaged by the comfort of a noisy mind, even though this comfort causes them to feel unsettled.

By now you realize that silence is more than what you do not hear with your ears. Silence is a loving state of mind, a powerful awareness of consciousness, and a safe haven to reconnect with your truth. As the warmth of love begins to flow through you, trust the silence within you. It is here where you will be able to understand the guiding words needed to live an authentic life.


There is much going on in the world around us, but do we have to think about it all of the time? Can we learn to silence the chatter, then discover the loving silence within us? It’s may take practice although I think it will be worth the effort.

Let me know what you think. Leave a question or comment below, or email me at  I’m always open to adding clarity if needed.

Each week I email a conversation with my Inner Voice. This week we discuss, someday. Here is an excerpt from my weekly titled, “Someday:”

Many believe we should sacrifice our happiness now, for a reward of happiness in the future. Is waiting for someday wrong?

What is the point of sacrificing your happiness now for happiness that may arrive someday? What if life shifts, situations change, and things don’t work out as you had planned? The delay in happiness has not gained you anything. You have chosen to miss a large part of life, because you believe it will come in the future. Is it possible to accept that the future may be in the next two hours, later today or in the next ten minutes? Someday is as close, or as far away as you choose it to be.

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More of my writing can be found at, Conscious Shift Magazine,, or New Spirit Journal, These online magazines are two great resources for inspiration, spirituality, and enlightenment.

I hope you are doing well, and find my blog useful. I appreciate your support.

Peace and Good Health

Copyright Paul L. Hudon 2020


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