Defining Morality


Recently I have been thinking about the phrase, "do the right thing." is this the same as doing what we are told? Or is ding the right think doing what is morally true? Now the question becomes, what is morally true? For myself, I have come to the awareness that the morally right thing to do in my thoughts, words, or actions have to be rooted in love. If the question is asked, what is moral? Then the answer would be, the behavior rooted in love.

This can be a slippery slope, because we can convince ourselves that behaving in anger and rage can be the right thing to do. But, do the negative actions we take have a foundation of love? I can be angry at how one person treats another, yet can I resolve my anger with the love I have for all people? Is it better to recognize the energetic connection we have with the everlasting source of love that binds all of us 
together, even if others cannot see this love within themselves?

I know little of what is going on in another person’s life, so my judgement of them is baseless. Even if I knew more about their experience, I still have no idea what they have gone through that has caused them to be the way they are. If this is the case, wouldn’t it be better to release them from my judgement and do the right thing—see them through the eyes of love? Isn’t that what a person who harms other’s needs—love? They may be judging themselves in ways I know nothing about. They may see their behavior as the right thing to do. Would my judgement benefit them? Or, would my judgement just make me feel better about myself? Possibly making me feel superior because I judge that they are behaving in a way that doesn’t match my moral definition. Again, the slippery slope.

To do the right thing, is to live without judgement, including self-judgement. How can I be of love, and claim to have morals if I am not in a place of love in each moment of my day? If I am quick to judge or condemn, then I have stepped away from my awareness of love. Doing the right thing, then becomes a reason to be negative. But if I use my definition—rooted in love—then thinking, speaking, or acting in a negative way is not moral, nor is it the right thing to do.

How does this fit into the world we are experiencing today? If we accept that each one of us has been created by the same source of energy, then we are all connected by this energy. To harm one person, is to harm all people, in harming another, we harm ourselves. Yet, to do the right thing, is to recognize the love within all people, and the moral thing to do would be to reach for a connection  to others through love.

When we accept a definition of love as the foundation of morality, we won’t need to be told what is right. Our thoughts, words, and actions, will be rooted in love. From this place of love, we will see the world change to reflect love as the foundation of morality.

These days there is so much to contemplate. How would our lives differ if we chose to live by love as our morality?

Let me know what you think, leave a question, or a comment below. I’m always open to exploring the conversation further.

This week my weekly conversation has to do with seeking our inner guidance as we travel down  the unknown roads of life. Here is an excerpt,

There are many distractions in life, how can we determine if the road before us is right for us, or a distraction?

You may be too focused on the distractions rather than the intuitive feelings you are receiving from your inner guidance to trust which road to take. Within you is a powerful source of loving guidance. This guidance has your best interest as its main focus. You may experience this guidance as a gut feeling, or you may hear a loving voice that originates deep within your heart.  As you look at the choices you are about to make, ask for guidance, you may feel, or hear the true answer, the right answer, the loving answer. Learn to trust the answer and move forward armed with this positive information. Your authentic guidance will only speak through the voice of love, any voice that speaks negativity is worth ignoring.

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If you would like to read more of my writing, this week my article titled, “Recognizing the Good” can be found in New Spirit Journal,  Is it possible to recognize the good in challenging situations?

I hope you, and those you love are healthy and well.

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Peace and Well-Being

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