Shifting Global Consciousness

With all that is going on around us, the future seems like a daunting place. Often there is too much to think about, and maybe we see that so much needs to be changed. This can cause us to withdraw from participating in any discussion about positive change.

What if we were to focus on what we can do now to shift global consciousness. What positive choices would we make in our thoughts, behavior, and language to become an example for those around us? Shifting global consciousness seems like an overwhelming task, but if we were to take  it one thought, one word, or one act of kindness at a time, consciousness would shift. Yet it must begin with each individual shifting their consciousness.

Is this where we are right now—today—at  a changing point in consciousness? Is it possible to tip the scale from what was once accepted to a new level of loving, conscious acceptance? Are we courageous enough to begin this shift within ourselves?

With these thoughts, and questions in mind, a conversation with my Inner Voice may be insightful. My questions will be in italics for clarity.


It is possible to shift global consciousness by thinking, speaking, and acting in loving ways?

Imagine each person as a spark of energy. When they think, speak or act, out of love, their spark ignites, illuminating the world with positive energy. When two people live by their inner love, they multiply the brilliance of their spark. When three people join together, they intensify the energy of this love. There is a never ending source of love within each person. Often this loving energy is suppressed under many layers of negative thoughts, words, and actions. When there is an honest desire for their shift in consciousness away from negativity the spark begins to shine through the darkness.

When a person who is aware of their loving energy—their spark—unites with those with similar desires they will be able to bring about positive change in the world. Even if the energy begins with a small group of people, their energy will ignite the spark of love within others. This is how momentum in a global shift in consciousness will begin.

It’s hard to imagine a world-wide shift in consciousness beginning with single person.

There are many people seeking a positive shift in global consciousness. When each individual begins to ignite their spark of love, they will become a beacon of light searching for like-minded people. The energy you emanate will be the energy you attract back to you. Think, speak, and act through love, and those who are doing the same will be drawn together for the common good.

Why is overcoming negativity on a global scale difficult?

The focus placed on negativity adds strength and energy to the negativity. This energy keeps negativity in the forefront of consciousness. To shift consciousness on any level, negativity must be replaced with a consciousness of love. This does not mean to ignore what is happening around the world. This means to begin to think, speak, and act, out of love toward each person who comes into your awareness. Even if people know little about their spark of love, you can radiate your love upon them. The powerful energy behind a united source of love, will counteract any difficulty that may arise when facing a global shift in consciousness.

To look toward the future with optimism, is the beginning of the journey of creating a positive shift in consciousness. It is here where love becomes the foundation of the global shift, a love that begins with an individual awakening.

How does fear affect consciousness?

Fear allows negativity to take control of one’s consciousness. When this fear is silenced by love a unified front of loving consciousness will arise. It is here where a global shift in consciousness will occur, yet it begins with a spark of love found within each person.

Any final thoughts on shifting global consciousness?

Shifting global consciousness begins with a positive shift in consciousness within the individual. Then, this shift will gain momentum as positive energy becomes the energy emanated out to the world. The forces of change begin when people shift their focus away from negativity toward the  positive energy of love.


If we want to experience positive change in the world, it must begin with us. Allow your spark of love to be felt by others.

Let me know what you think, leave a comment below, I’m always open to expanding the conversation.

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Why is life a puzzle?

If life were handed to you without your involvement in its creation, you would not be able expand the wisdom learned from the failure’s life has handed to you. You need the unfulfilled desires to strengthen your will, and to narrow down what you truly want to accomplish in life. Knowing what you do want, because you know what you do not want, is the only way you will accomplish a true desire. The puzzle is to know what is right for you before you randomly move ahead without a clear vision.

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