The Words We Use

Words, they convey so much in our experience. Our feelings, and emotions are expressed by the words we use. At times our words are kind, and compassionate, then at other times, our words are hurtful and negative. How often do we examine the words we commonly use to understand if these words heal or harm? Do we taste our words before we spit them out as we share them with others? Or, do we censor ourselves to keep from spreading negativity? How do our words of love taste when we are being honest and true?

In the world today there are many challenges. Yet, must we add to these challenges by using words in a way that will harm ourselves, and those in our lives? Have we recognized the power of words that have a foundation in love, and kindness?  With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may shine light on the energy of our words.

My questions will be in italics for clarity.


I know that words are used to communicate, yet at times they are much more powerful than just the word alone. Why is that?

The word has a meaning, this is obvious, but the word will also have an intention behind it. If the word and the intention are positive, the word will be felt on a higher emotional level. Conversely, a negative word with a negative intention will have a greater ability to cause emotional damage. It is the intention behind the word that will be felt more than the word alone.

When a person speaks with the intention of love, the intention is what makes the words sound so sweet. These are the words that elevate one’s consciousness to higher realms of love. These words also lift those who hear these loving words to a state of compassion, and kindness. The intention   of the word is the majority of what you feel when you hear or read a word.

Can we feel the intention of the written word as well?

Once the word is written, it has been given life, it is now in the physical form for all to read and feel. The intention behind the written word will be felt long after the word is read. Imagine the written word pulsating the intention of the word. With each person that reads these words, the intention is felt deep within.

What about profanity? We hear people using profanity with a softer intention, in this case does the profane word still have the same impact?

People try to fool themselves with this behavior in an attempt to ease the harshness of their words, yet it will not work. The profane word will still have a negative impact. Negative words have power, these words can arrive with tremendous force, their negative energy will be felt by others. It does not matter whether the word is sugarcoated or not, the intention of the word will be felt by the intended recipients.

What about common words used to replace profanity?

A common word used to replace profanity will have the same intention as using profanity. This behavior is an attempt to fool others into believing that the intention is different than using profanity, which it is not. Any common word meant to replace profanity takes on the energy of profanity.

Why do people just spit out negative words without much thought?

Many people believe they must react to what they hear or read. Often in their haste to react, they fail to recognize the underlying intention of what they are about to say. They do not realize that a moment of pause will give them time to think of the proper words to say. A moment of contemplation before speaking would alleviate any misunderstanding from misspoken words.

It appears the intention is more powerful than the word itself. Is this the case?

All words emit energy. The underlying intention of the word will add strength to the word so the word will be felt with more energy. An intention can either raise the energy of the word to a place of love, and kindness. Or, the intention can create a negative energy surrounding the word. The underlying intention behind the word will have an impact on how the words are experienced.

Any final thoughts on the words we use?

When you become conscious of the energy behind the words you use, you will be more aware of how your words have the ability to heal, or harm, the listener or the reader.


It can be easy to speak without much thought, or consideration of the outcome, yet how often do we take a moment to think about how to best respond? Do we know the power of our words?

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  1. Insightful and timely post yet again. I am reminded of my commitment to right speech which seems much more difficult in the current climate. I will need to take more pauses, thats for sure.


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