Change Begins With Us

It doesn’t take much to look at the world and recognize the uncertainty before us. This uncertainty is changing lives across the global landscape. Yet, what can we do to bring about positive change during challenging times? It may be easy to sit on our hands believing that what we see is not our problem. Although, isn’t the well-being of the people around us something that should concern us? What can we do that would be a benefit? Is there something positive, something that would move our little piece of the world toward a better place emotionally?

With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my Inner voice may be a good place to start. My questions will be in italics for clarity.


What can people do to help move the world to a better place emotionally?

Begin with shifting one’s awareness away from negativity to a more positive frame of mind. If there is a constant focus on the negative events of the world, negative energy grows in strength. The more focus placed on any event, energy will increase surrounding the event. One way to shift focus away from negativity, is to focus on seeing the positive possibilities that exist in the world. There are many things to celebrate in life that go unnoticed, pay attention to what brings joy into one’s life, and focus on these things. This will help move you to a better emotional place.

How can shifting focus impact of the struggles of other people?

Recognize the power of thinking, speaking, and acting in a positive manner. When people begin to live with a positive mindset, they will radiate positive, loving energy. Words do not need to be spoken for those who are struggling to feel this loving energy. Experiencing the positive energy of others, can help shift the world of a person who is struggling. A kind word, or gesture rooted in compassion can go a long way in helping someone regain their emotional footing. Shifting the world away from negativity, begins with one person who is courageous enough to be kind and loving, to someone in need.

Shifting the world to a more positive place, one person at a time seems like a daunting task. How do we go about this?

Mighty rivers are created one raindrop at a time. When one person is kind to another this loving energy builds like a river. All that is needed is the intention to be kind, and this energy will begin to shift the lives of those who come in contact with this kindness. Any journey to change the emotional landscape of family, or the world, begins with a person who wishes to live a better life.

Being kind, loving, and compassionate, is the authentic nature of who people are. The trials of life have caused some to turn away from their authentic way of life. Collectively when people join together for a common good the world will benefit from this positive energy. The intention is to shift the world to a place of love for all the inhabitants, one mindset at a time, yet the shift begins with you.


It all begins with us. If we want to see positive change, then we must begin to shift our own frame of mind. That’s the thing isn’t it, my world changes to a more loving place when I start to become more loving.

Let me know what you think, you are welcome to leave a comment, or a question. I’m always open to expanding the conversation.

Every month I write a column for New Spirit Journal, In the July issue you can find my article titled, “Celebration.” Is it possible to find reasons to celebrate in our lives today?

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How can we free ourselves from the hurtful words, and behavior of others?

The words, and actions of others are a reflection of what is happening in their lives. You may not be able to do anything about what they are experiencing. If you accept their negativity into your awareness, you are chained to the anchor of their negative behavior. You cannot escape the negativity because you have allowed it into your consciousness.

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I hope that you and those you love are doing well today.

Thanks for reading this post, I appreciate your support.

Peace and well-being.

Copyright Paul Hudon 2020



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