In a recent blog post I wrote about shifting global consciousness. One way to accomplish a shift in our own consciousness may be to become more compassionate. With all that is going on in the world today, we may find ourselves judging others on how we want them to behave, without a clear understanding of what is going on in their lives. Rather than judge others based on our lack of true information, is it possible to be more compassionate, and understanding? This would open our hearts to them instead of turning a cold shoulder because of our judgement. With an open heart we may learn to see past our differences and recognize our commonalities.

 Is it possible to be more compassionate with those we disagree with? Is being compassionate the path to a true understanding of the world in which we live? With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may shed some light on being compassionate in times of struggle. My questions will be in italics for clarity.


 Will being compassionate with others help the world move through difficult times?

 Compassion is rooted in love, and to be compassionate is the act of sharing love. When people are compassionate to others, they are behaving in a way that shifts focus away from judgement toward a focus of love and kindness.

 What is happening in the world today is because people may choose to focus on themselves, without a regard for the well-being of those around them. This negative form of selfishness harms all people, and prevents the expansion of well-being to those in need. When compassion becomes the focus all people benefit. Think of being compassionate as taking the focus away from oneself, and refocusing this loving energy on all people, for the benefit of all people. With this focus on compassion it becomes easier to move the world in a positive direction during difficult times.

 It can be a challenge to be compassionate with the people we disagree with. How do we resolve this issue and still be compassionate?

When you sift through your differences and disagreements, you will begin to recognize many commonalities you have with others. It is these commonalities that join you through the love of all of creation. To focus on commonalities is to begin to break down the walls of judgement. It is here where compassion will become the connection each person has with other people. Each person will have a different point of view, and each point of view may be valid in the eyes of the beholder. Trying to change the point of view of another person is where disagreements begin. Is it possible to accept the differences, and work for a common good rooted in commonalities? This is the compassionate way to shift the world in a positive direction.


Our differences and disagreements can have a deep history in our consciousness. What then?

If you are moving through today with the focus on the history of your disagreements, you are not working toward a resolution that will benefit you today. There is nothing that can be done about history, yet you can shift focus away from judgements, and disagreements toward a more compassionate understanding of the lives of others. Compassion is the key that will unlock the door to a more understanding way of life, and a more loving world.

 Compassion is that powerful?

 Compassion is a state of awareness where the health of all people and beings, are the focus. This does not take away from wanting the best life for oneself, compassion allows others to have an opportunity to live their best life as well. Through compassion, the consciousness of the world will elevate to a place of true understanding that will benefit all.

 It can be so easy to judge others without considering what they are going through, or their needs.

 When people begin to live a compassionate life, they will release the need to judge others on what little information they have. To experience compassion and live a compassionate life, look within oneself and recognize the emotional blocks that prevent this powerful emotion from shifting one’s life. Then with love in one’s heart, release these blocks to experience a more fulfilling life, and a more prosperous world.


I can see that this conversation will be revisited in the future. Is it possible to become more compassionate with those we once judged? How would our lives change if we were more compassionate?

Let me know what you think, leave a comment or a question below. I’m always open to expanding the conversation further.

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 How do we change the world by being loving to those who appear not to love us?

Do you want to change the world by changing the beliefs of haters? Or, do you want to change the world to benefit all of humankind? You cannot desire an improved life for some while not accepting a better life for all. As love shifts the world to a more positive state of being, love will begin to transform those who view the world differently than you.

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 Peace and Well-Being


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