Let Go

It’s an interesting time to be alive. World events are changing quickly, which causes our lives to change quickly as well. What we once thought was stable has become unstable. This has created uncertainty within us. It seems as if the tighter we try to hold on for control, the more control we lose. The thought of letting go appears to make no sense, but trying to maintain control has taken us on a wild ride.


What if letting go is the best answer? What would happen to our lives if we accepted the idea that we have no control over much of what is happening in the world today. Yet, the only thing we can control is our reaction to the events of life, and our ability to let go. What do we give up by letting go? What do we gain?


With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may benefit us in a time when holding on to control leaves us emotionally drained and uncertain. My questions will be in italics for clarity.




The world is changing quickly, yet there is nothing we can do about much of it right now. What is the best way to maintain our emotional place of center in changing times?


Emotionally centered is when a person accepts their ability to release the grip of control, and welcome new ways of thoughts, and beliefs. The struggle begins when the grip of control cannot accept the changes the world is presenting. Any change can keep a person frozen in place by the fear of change. Or, they can recognize the change as nothing they can control, thus searching for new ways to handle these changes. There may be a level of fear in both options, but the ones who move forward are those who do not allow their fear to control their thoughts, or actions.


These changes affect our lives and livelihood. What then?


Change is constant in nature. It is the human experience that demands that change remains minimal. To change with a changing world is to adapt to the ever-present uncertainty of life. There may be nothing you can do about world change, yet you can learn to be flexible with these changes. Also know that there will be lessons, learning, and growth for those who are willing to look within the change for opportunities that may not have existed before. These changes and the following lessons, may be small or radical, it will depend on how tightly you try to control that which you cannot control.


Won’t this impact our lives in a negative way? How do we handle this?


If there is nothing you can do about the changing world, then holding on tightly will do you no good. Only when you release your grip, with the expectation of being flexible, will you allow the world to change without impacting your life in a negative way.


You mentioned new opportunities. Would you explain further?


Often times when you grip something tightly, you close your eyes. This will limit your ability to see the path ahead clearly. When you release your need to control, your eyes will see new possibilities that were not visible before. Yet you must also be open emotionally to a new way of thinking, speaking and acting before any positive change can take place. If you open your eyes and see the same negative reasons to hold onto control, then no positive, forward motion will occur.


When we let go, we can see the possibilities before us, even in a quickly shifting world?


The choice is yours, hold on tightly to the world as you knew it, or let go, and allow the best possible outcome to flow your way. Holding a tight grip, limits your ability to stay emotionally centered because there is no flexibility in your grip. When you let go, you are allowing your life to move in a positive direction.


Letting go does not mean to give up. Letting go means accepting that you cannot control an uncontrollable world. The only thing you can control is your thoughts, words, and behavior toward the world around you. It is in this belief where you will find your emotional center.




It seems counterintuitive to let go when the world is changing as quickly as it is. Yet maybe we need to check in with our intuition to see what is right for us.


Let me know what you think. You can leave a comment or question below. I’m always open to exploring the conversation in-depth.


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Peace and Well-Being




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