Our Shadow

This morning, instead meditating, I chose to go for a walk around the neighborhood. The air was moist, and fresh, and the gray rock of the continental divide was in stark contrast to the blue Colorado sky.


In the early morning light I noticed the length of my shadow. I was surprised to see it reach to the other side of the road. This made me think of how we affect those around us, oftentimes without our conscious awareness.


How do we affect others? How long is our emotional shadow? Do we leave people with a feeling of love, and kindness? Or, does our shadow radiate anger or fear? The world can appear challenging at times, yet, do we have to take out our frustrations on others? How does our emotional shadow impact how others react to the world?


With these questions in mind, a conversation with my Inner Voice may shed some light on the subject of our shadow. My questions will be in italics for clarity.




Would you explain our emotional shadow?


All of your emotions emanate energy. Positive emotions, vibrate at a high frequency, this is how your pets know when you are in a good mood, they can sense this energy. Negative emotions vibrate at a lower frequency, your pets can also feel this energy. This is why they hide under the bed when you are angry. You do not have to say a word for your pet to know what emotions you are feeling. People are sensitive to this energy as well, although they may not be as aware of their sensitivity as animals.


Your emotional shadow is the shadow of the energy you are emitting at the time. The stronger your emotions, the larger your shadow. Think of this shadow as a long cape bellowing in the wind. The cape reflects your emotions, if you are kind and compassionate, the cape drifts easily in the wind. If you are angry, or in a negative frame of mind, the cape whips back and forth violently. Although you cannot see your emotional shadow, or the cape, the impact of your emotions are felt by the world around you.


How does our shadow affect our lives?


The people you encounter will react to the energy they feel emanating from you. It is here that your life experiences will be formed. The energy you radiate will create the life you experience. If like energy attracts like energy, then positive energy will attract positive energy. This positive energy will create a shadow that benefits all beings in your life.

How will we know if our emotional shadow is positive or not?


The energy of your shadow will be reflected back to you in the way you experience life. If people react in a negative way toward you, you may blame them. If you are aware of your emotional shadow, you could ask yourself, why they reacted to you as they had. There must be a desire for an honest evaluation of your emotions before any positive progress can be accomplished.


The best way to know the energy of your shadow is to look at your everyday interactions. Are your interactions, loving and kind, or are they filled with confrontation and irritation? The energy of your emotions will cast a shadow wherever you go, and onto whomever you are with.


Any final thoughts concerning our emotional shadow?


When you become aware of the energy of your emotions, you will begin to notice why the world reacts to you as it does. You will also begin to notice how the energy of others impacts the way in which you experience the world. You may not be able to do anything about the emotional shadows of others, yet you can maintain your own positive state of mind, negating the effect their negative shadow may have on you. 




I may never look at my shadow the same way again. What energy does your shadow emanate? Let me know what you think. You are welcome to leave a question or comment below, I’m always open to expanding the discussion.


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Why do we change who we are to justify the opinions of others?


When you lack an awareness of your self-love, you will seek love from others as a way to feel self-worth. In doing so, you may change who you are to please them to maintain this feeling of love. This will separate you from the truth of who you are, this truth is pure love.


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Thank you for reading this post, I appreciate your support.


Peace and Well-Being



Copyright Paul l. Hudon 2020


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