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I remember when I was younger, I decided that I could no longer hang out with certain kids. I realized I had no desire to behave as they behaved. I didn’t want to be that way. Since then I have been striving to be an individual, to be my authentic self. What does that mean, to be my authentic self? Is it the lone wolf walking the earth without close friends, or is it discovering the truth within, and then living by this truth? What is it to be authentic when others want us to fit into their definition of who they think we should be? How do we reconcile the challenges we face as we attempt to be authentic in a world that asks us to get in line and follow?


With these thoughts in mind a dialogue with my Inner Voice may add some clarity to the subject of our authentic selves. My questions will be in italics.


What does it mean to be our authentic self?


Your authentic self, is the union of you in this physical world and the truth of who you are in the nonphysical realm. This is a realization of the truth of who you are, without the need to hide or shield yourself from those in your life. Yet few people know what the truth of who they are is. This truth is pure ever-lasting love. A love that is unconditional, without the need for approval, or justification from others. Living an authentic life is living in the physical world, while living by this powerful love.


It seems to be a big step from living in the physical world to living by this powerful love. How do we accomplish this transformation?


You came into this world at birth knowing of this eternal love. As life progressed, you were taught many things that began to silence the voice of this love. To return to your authentic self, it is best sift through your thoughts and beliefs, that are not rooted in love, then shed these thoughts and beliefs, from your consciousness. The intention is to return to a place of enduring love, and then live by this love.


Why shed our thoughts and beliefs, they have helped create our lives? Our thoughts and beliefs make up a part of who we are.


If your thoughts and beliefs are not rooted in love then you have created a life without love as its foundation. This will be the way you experience the world, and this will be the way the world experiences you. Your authentic self, is living by this love in all aspects of your life.


If I begin to shed thoughts and beliefs that are not based in love, what happens then?


Thoughts and beliefs that are not rooted in love, are based in negativity. This negative energy is the energy you are attempting to shed, because of your conscious choice to move toward living your authentic life.


Think of negative energy as an anchor that holds you in place. You are unable to move forward to a better way of life, because of the anchor. When you begin to shed negative thoughts, and beliefs, you release the anchor, and allow yourself to live a better life. A life that has a solid foundation of love, yet this foundation allows you to move freely without the burden of negative energy holding you back.


How does this love connect with our authentic selves?


When you accept this eternal love as who you are, you will be living your truth, This truth is your authentic self. From here each thought, word, and action, has a foundation in love. It is this love that will be felt by those who you encounter in your daily travels. It is this love that announces to the world who you are. As you begin to live by the ever-lasting energy of love,  you will live without the need to judge, or ridicule yourself and those in your life. This is the power of your authentic self.




It can be easy to accept our negative thoughts and beliefs, yet if the alternative is love, then why do we hesitate?


Let me know what you think. Leave a question or a comment below. I’m open to expanding the conversation for more clarity, and understanding.


Each week I email a conversation with my Inner Voice to those who have subscribed. This week we discuss appreciation, here is an excerpt,


What are the benefits of looking for things to appreciate in our lives?


Searching your life for aspects to appreciate shifts your focus away from negativity to help create a more positive frame of reference. This will allow you to recognize that there is more to appreciate in life than there is that will move you off of center. Once the act of appreciation becomes a routine, you will be in a stronger place to silence negativity when those thoughts arise in your mind.


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Peace and Well-Being.




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