A Challenging Neighbor

I have a neighbor who is always negative. When I try to show her the positive, she reinforces her negative view. There was a time when she was a challenge to be around, now I see her as a teacher with important lessons I need to learn.


Recently things changed, I began to look forward to her visits. Rather than dread her arrival, I am excited to see what lessons she’ll teach during our time together. This has really changed the way I react with her, and the way I feel after our visit. Is it possible to look forward to challenging situations as a time of learning and inner growth?


With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may be insightful. My questions will be in italics for clarity.


What happens when we accept a challenging experience as a time of learning?


When you change your focus away from the possible difficulty of a situation to one that is aware of a positive lesson, you shift the energy within you as well. Instead of experiencing the potential negative energy of a challenging encounter, you have moved to a welcoming frame of mind. Although the person, or situation may be the same, your positive state of mind has allowed you to gain the positive rewards.


What would the positive rewards be in a challenging situation or encounter?


When you become, angry, frustrated, or when you attempt to control another person’s behavior, you lose yourself in negativity. You are too deep into the negatives to see any positive possibilities. If you were to separate yourself from the belief that the situation or person, has nothing positive for you, you will begin to see that they do have something beneficial for you. You may not agree with them, yet the positive lesson is needed for the expansion of your consciousness.


What has surprised me is how I look forward to her arrival, knowing there will be a positive lesson. What has shifted within me?


You are no longer trying to change her point of view, or trying to control her behavior. This allows you to search for the lesson, then move forward while learning the lesson. In doing so you have released an inner struggle within you, thus allowing inner peace to fill your being.


Is this shift possible with every challenging situation, or person?


The intention is to maintain a positive place of center so the person, or situation does not control you emotionally. There may be little you can do about the negative behavior of another person, yet you can control your reaction to their actions. This will give you the opportunity to choose the true and loving course of action. When you choose to view a challenge as an opportunity for conscious growth, you are in a self-loving frame of mind.


Am I self-loving when I choose to see the positive lessons taught by a person who is negative?


Your self-love is strong enough to prevent you from being pulled into their negative behavior. In behaving this way, you are accepting the self-love within them, even if they fail to recognize, or accept this love within themselves.


When I choose to maintain a place of center with negative people, I am being “of love” for myself and those involved?


When you are in the awareness of love, you release your need to judge, or condemn those whom you see as a challenge. They now become people, or situations, with lessons for your benefit. Once you accept challenges as a place of learning and growth, you will begin the journey of becoming true to yourself. You will be moving in the direction of being more loving, more kind, and more compassionate.


Can we accept the potential lessons from people who are challenging? Or do we complicate the situation by trying to change their mind?


Let me know what you think, leave a question or comment below, I’m always open to expanding the conversation.


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What is the importance of being honest with ourselves?


Being honest with yourself is knowing of, and living by, the truth of who you are. This truth is a never-ending source of love. Yet to live by this love, is to release many of the thoughts and beliefs, that prevent you from experiencing this love. Once this love is recognized and accepted into your consciousness, life will be lived with love and honesty.


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Peace and Well-Being




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