Addicted to Negativity

 Have you ever met someone who always speaks about the negative things they choose to see in the world? If you try to mention anything positive, they will quickly return the conversation to their negative ways. They may tell you a negative story with a smile on their face, as if they get an emotional rush of energy out of their story. Hearing a constant dialogue of negativity can be tiring for us, but for some people they appear to be addicted to negativity.


With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may add some clarity on being addicted to negativity. My questions will be in italics.



Is it possible for people to become addicted to negativity?


Negativity is a powerful source of energy. This energy raises the energy within the human body, just as caffeine might do, negativity will do the same. With time this energetic rush begins to feel comfortable, even though the source of the energy is negative. People will then begin to maintain their negativity because they feel good sharing their negative stories. They fail to realize the unhealthy impact negativity will have on their emotional well-being.


Is it the rush of the negativity, or is it the negativity itself?


They may not like the reasons of the negativity, but they repeat it anyway because of the rush of energy. Often people will begin to see their identity as the person that must share this information. They do not want to hear about anything positive because this will shift focus away from their need for this energy rush. For people who are addicted to negativity, thinking positive thoughts is an emotional letdown.


When people are in love, they feel this love from their partner. This love will bolster every aspect of their lives in a positive way. Their self-worth and self-esteem are strengthened by this love, and they do not need to seek the approval of others to justify their loving behavior.


When someone has low self-esteem, or they lack self-love, they will change who they are to feel as if they have value to others. People who feel this way about themselves will do anything to be the center of attraction. When they are with others, they will turn to sharing the negatives they see in the world, because they see little to love about themselves, or the world around them. It is here that they experience the rush of energy as they become the focal point in a group, even if what they say causes emotional harm to all who hear their negative words.


This behavior can be addictive?


This behavior gives them a sense of purpose they may not experience in their everyday lives. They want those who hear their words show a level of emotion, this way they know they have achieved their goal of being the focal point of the conversation. On a certain level their addiction to negativity controls the way they view the world. They look for more reasons to be negative so they can continue to enjoy their emotional rush.


These people enjoy this kind of behavior?


They look forward to the emotional rush, and will do what they can to maintain a steady flow of this energy. They are unaware of how damaging negativity is to the human body. Yet if something negative happens to them, they will inject this into a conversation as a way boost the rush.


How do we prevent this type of addiction from overtaking our lives?


Pay attention to your thoughts, words, and actions. This will give you an insight into what kind of energy you are emanating, and expecting in return from others. Once you recognize your energy, if needed, you can shift away from negativity to a more positive way of living. Each thought, word, or action has a foundation of energy within it. This energy is either positive or negative. The outcome of your life will be determined by which energy has created the foundation of your beliefs. To repeat negativity as a way to boost self-esteem, and self-worth, is creating a life that will not be pleasing, loving, or satisfying. To live a life  that is kind, compassionate, and loving, is the way to avoid becoming addicted to negativity.


I would rather be addicted to the feeling of love, but I know that negativity can be a conniving adversary.


What do you think? Leave me a comment, or question below, I’m always open to expanding the conversation.


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How do we soften our heart, to be more accepting of others?


Every thought, word, or action that does not have a foundation in love is a source of energy that callouses the heart. These thoughts, beliefs, and actions, should be questioned and released from your consciousness, while allowing the love in your heart to be felt. In this way you will be more accepting, and loving with those who you believe are different than you.


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