I remember when I was a young carpenter, my intention was to become as good as I could be. In a sense I wanted to master the craft. Through time I learned that mastering the craft could never happen because there is so much to learn, although I did learn that the more I knew, the more fun I would have.


This made me think of self-mastery, and how life can become more enjoyable if we learn to master our own selves. By this I mean, to master our behavior so we can control life instead of life controlling us. With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may be beneficial on the subject of self-mastery. My questions will be in italics for clarity.




Self-mastery sounds like something that would bolster the ego. Is this so?


Self-mastery is learning the truth of who you are and then living life according to this truth. The ego is a fa├žade that is built as a shield blocking the way to discovering the truth of one’s being. The journey to self-mastery is to dismantle the shield the ego has created, and then to live to the fullness of who you are.


Explain the fullness of who we are, in respect to self-mastery?


The fullness of who you are, is the person beneath the persona that has been created by the opinions of others, false beliefs, and the desire to please others as a way to boost self-esteem. Throughout life you have been asked to be a different person for different people. This causes a separation between the truth of who you are and the person you have created to satisfy others. In behaving this way, you lose sight of your authentic self, and your life is controlled by the desires of others. Self-mastery is accomplished when the desire to please others is set aside as the journey to discover the truth of who you are begins.


How do we discover the truth of who we are?


Any thought, word, or action that does not have a foundation in love is worth releasing from your consciousness. This will clear the path to recognizing your authentic self. When love becomes the basis of your thoughts, beliefs, and actions, your life will shift away from being controlled by others and their beliefs, to trusting what is right for you by how it aligns with love. Self-mastery is living your life with love as your guide throughout your life.


Why is self-mastery important?


Self-mastery is a state of being where you maintain a place of emotional center no matter what is happening in the world around you. This allows you to clearly see the path forward for the benefit  of you and those in your life. Yet self-mastery is also keeping a positive frame of mind when  other people are slipping into negativity. You will have the courage and strength to maintain your place of center, because you realize that falling into negativity is a choice.


Any final thoughts on self-mastery?


People fail to realize that they allow the behavior of others to control their lives. Self-mastery is accepting responsibility for your own state of mind, your own happiness and  your emotional well-being. The need to blame others for any unhappiness you may experience is no longer a need you desire to fulfill.


Self-mastery is being in control of your thoughts, words, and actions, and this behavior has a foundation established in love. A love so strong and true that the behavior of others cannot shake you from this place of center.




Self-mastery is rooted in love. Let me know what you think. leave a comment, or question below. I’m always open to expanding the conversation further.


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