The Truth is Love


When life is a struggle it can be challenging to recognize the truth. Yet, is the truth important? Then how do we know what is true in a world with instant information that is often conflicting? If we are confused by the information we receive, how can we tell if we are moving in the right direction?


With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may add some clarity to the subject of finding the truth. My questions will be in italics.


When we are struggling and we are seeking the way forward, how will we know what is true for us?


The truth will have a foundation in unconditional love. Not only for yourself, but including those in your life. The challenge becomes one of accepting this love as the way to move forward to a better situation, and healthier life circumstances.


We rarely think of love as the way forward when we are worried or anxious. Why is that?


Often when in the negative state of worry, the focus is more on the worry, than the path to a better situation. Think of worry as walking with your head down focused on the ground just in front of your feet. This will limit your ability to see the truth, and recognize the path forward.


As awareness shifts away from negativity you will begin to see that love clears the way. You will also begin to notice that the true and meaningful direction to live your best life possible, will have a foundation rooted in love. The truth of who you are is love. If you disagree with this truth, take an honest look within and ask yourself how your life is unfolding?  This will help you re-evaluate your current path and allow you to change direction if needed to one that may be more self-loving.


There are many things in life that are true, but are not loving. How do we reconcile these differences?


You can reconcile these differences by learning the loving lessons these experiences teach. Even though the experience may not be loving, you can choose to react in a loving way. The outside world may not be living by this love, yet if your desire is to shift consciousness in a positive direction it is up to you to live by love as the truth.


It seems like a lot of work to change the world as it is today. Where do we start?


The work needed to shift consciousness, and change the world begins when you live the truth of who you are. This is accomplished by discovering the love within you, then living life with this love as your guide. The right decisions to live your best life possible will come from a foundation of love. Every thought, and belief you have, or action you take that is founded in love is moving you and the world in the direction of being more loving. This is how world change begins.


With each thought, there is an opportunity to move in the direction that is more loving and compassionate. The truth of a thought will be the thought that has love as it base. If each person were to begin to live by this love, they would elevate those around them, who then would elevate others. One reason people may not accept the truth as love, is because they have not experienced this love. Often people will focus on the negativity they see in the world, and because of this focus, negativity is all they see.


When people begin to see this powerful love within them, they will freely share this love with others. People will discover that the truth of life is love, because of how beneficial love is to raising global awareness. If you believe that one person cannot change the world, look at how the world changes when one person spreads negativity. The choice begins with the thoughts you think, the words you speak and the actions you take. Choosing to accept that the truth is love will shift the way you experience the world, and the way you live your life.



How would our lives change if love was the basis of all of our thoughts, words, and actions? Would we change the world?


Let me know what you think. Leave a question or comment below, I’m always open to expanding the conversation for a better understanding.


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What is it to be free? Free from the worry of money? Free from the stress of everyday life? Or is freedom the ability to love without worry of how our love will be received? We love freely, and how this love is accepted is not our concern, that is the worry of those who our love is intended. The freedom to love without care of how this love is perceived. Isn’t that true freedom?


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Peace and Well-Being



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